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General Satanism Discussions
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Thanks for the pointer, I checked and mine is IKMF-affiliated.
General Satanism Discussions
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Originally Posted By: Dax9Sorry, but when you mention "Book of Shadows" I can't help but think of the t.v. show Charmed! Traditional nomenclature, "borrowed" to entertain simpletons. 'Tis a shame that TV and the Internet have
General Satanism Discussions
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Satanism appears to stratify based on the ability to create, rather than to consume. Even stupid people can be productive or artistic, and create works that inspire or annoy (as Blanche Barton notes about Anton Szandor LaVey in, I think, “Satan Speak
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Questions about the Church of Satan
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Quote:...does Satanism at all promote discrimination based on sexuality... As long as it is legal we do not care what you do with your sexual activity. Quote:...What would qualify as bothering someone? If you have to ask, then you should simply not
General Satanism Discussions
Quote:Thankfully the Hebrew Torah retains the correct sequence of letters By which linguistic standard did you measure whether the sequence of letters is correct? There are more than one versions of the Torah. The difference between the Masoretic
Website and LttD Updates
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Okay sweet thanks for the info and the link! I'm already following the official CoS Facebook page and twitter I'll check out the unofficial as well and forget the undercroft.

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