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General Satanism Discussions
Yesterday at 04:25 AM
Hello, everyone!

You look familiar my dear.

Here is a narrative to my experience so far: Wow! Oh, Wow. Whoa. OH NO! Oh, wow. WOW. Wow. Whoa. Wha? WOW. wow. SHIT! Oh, OK, ok..uh..ok then. Mmm, ok ok, it's fine and I'M Back! Whew.

Oh, this may sound a bit odd, but uh... those are the exact same words i spoke during my first sexual experience!

Despite my profile name, you may call me "Angela", in fact, I prefer it.

Angela Baggins? Is that you... you devil? coopdevil Wow! Congrats on the makeover babe. You're really rockin' the new look.

You might remember when I once had my name and misused it so that I had to hide it to get back here. It's still my name though so I would like to have it back, if I may. Please.

Oh, be careful with that sort of thing Angie (You don't mind if i call you Angie, do ya?). I've been a member of many-a-online community and, I can tell you from personal experience that nym-hopping, is not something they take kindly to. rip

As for me... being that is my first post here and all... i should probably do some splain'in 'bout now. smile

You see Angie, I've been a lurker here for quite a few years... watching; listening; sniffing the winds, and, getting a "feel" for the group. To be honest I'm not exactly sure what compelled me to pop my COS cherry on your little Welcome Back Kotter Thread but, here i am, in all my "mysterious" glory. coopdevil

And there's no turning back now...

is there?

We're fellow travelers now, on the old H-Train....

And hell...

i can't think of a better place to be. coopdevil
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Questions about the Church of Satan
12/08/18 08:14 PM
I believe this issue was already addressed here in the fifth answer, second sentence.
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General Satanism Discussions
12/06/18 05:51 PM
Originally Posted by RussTheArtist
Yes, the theistic ones do seek out surrogate deities in lieu of the ones they left behind. I'd argue they're Diabolists in the same vain as Crowley.

At the risk of hijacking Zenarith's thread (if they're even still around), I just have to share the fact that Crowley has had such a huge influence on my personal spiritual development. It's almost funny that so many folks consider him the archetypal Satanist when he was actually so opposed to Black Magick. But then again, Crowley publicly claimed the title of The Great Beast and encouraged and welcomed his diabolical reputation while purposely publishing writings that left themselves open to various types of interpretation.

But taken as a whole, Crowley's writings betray a very serious ambivalence regarding the objective "reality" of the work he was doing and the entities he was in communication with. I spent years willfully ignoring his own "Initiated Interpretation of Ceremonial Magick," in which Crowley flat out states that the Goetic demons do not have objective existence external to the magician. I was so disappointed by this essay twenty-five years ago because I wanted so badly to believe in a world of angels and demons engaged in combat for my immortal soul.
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General Satanism Discussions
12/04/18 09:33 AM
Our Eleven Rules specifically state not to rape, kill or steal. The last two are conditional with only certain conditions. But how could anyone say that we're evil if we take those rules to heart? I see more evils coming out of the churches, synagogues and mosques than I've seen of our own flocks. Almost like the Satanic Panic was a bunch of hooey.
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General Satanism Discussions
12/04/18 09:04 AM
I appreciate the words of encouragement. It'll be a big switch from playing in a punk/grunge band, experimental metal and blues for sure. I posted my opinion of modern country sometime ago here and to just be succinct, I'm not a fan of it.

The set list I was given has some modern mixed with classics and there's some Tom Petty in there so it's not bad. I've grown fond of one of the tracks I'm learning called Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton who is a fairly new act in the genre but it rings of the old country that I listened to as a child. A musician's struggle currently is having to tune back into E standard after playing in drop tunings for so long, so to compensate for that after practicing the songs for the job, I play old school Sabbath and Iron Maiden so I'm not losing my metal lol.
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General Satanism Discussions
11/22/18 06:15 AM
I feel a lot of neophytes of the left hand path would have a lot of their questions answered by this video

Kevin slaughter gives an overview and musings on what it means to be a satanist. The video is really well done and his oratory skills are top notch.
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Satanism By Example
11/17/18 01:04 PM
I decided to write a blog. I had found a lot of likeminded blogs in english but not that much in dutch so i decided to start one myself. I write short rants about how i try to live from a satanic point of view in this herd mentality world. I also write about subjects related to satanism.
Its in dutch so i hope the people who understand dutch in this group will enjoy reading it.
Views expressed here may include personal opinions as well as fundamental Church of Satan ideology. Visit the Church of Satan website for more information about Satanism.
The url is:

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Website Comments & Questions
11/16/18 08:40 AM
What are the limits to magic according to psychology? I wouldn't think you can curse someone without them knowing about it. I haven't read the satanic bible tin a long time , though I hear that the destruction and lust rituals can be used for actually destroying or attracting someone. But I see it as mere release of emotional baggage you carry. Really interesting stuff I do say so myself. laugh
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General Satanism Discussions
11/14/18 05:45 AM
The only family member who knew is my gay Wiccan step brother, and he's long since passed away.

No one else has a right to know anything about me, much less my religious beliefs.
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