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Originally Posted By: MelbunnySo my question is What does it take to truly live the religion can anyone point me in the right direction? I'm always surprised when I come across people who expect meaningful, sharp, and exact answers to questions the
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Originally Posted By: ookiesoupI find it amazing how we just naturally set our minds on progressing Scientists Discover Proof That Humanity Is Getting Dumber, Smaller And Weaker
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I have learned more about loyalty, from the animal kingdom ( dogs, good example) as a barometer, when to trust my satanic instincts concerning, just about anyone, and I never let my guard down, least I fall prey to the unsuspecting bite of another hu
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Well, that didn't work.
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And I've also used tools such as auto correct do some of my writing for me, only to have it pointed out that a word (or in this case, name) has still been spelled wrong. Like I said, there is always a bigger shark in the sea. Correction made.
Questions about the Church of Satan
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Speaking of illegal activity, The Satanic Bible is a copyrighted work, and to date the publishers have not authorized an electronic copy. So whatever copy is "on your phone" is illegal, possibly also altered or incomplete from the original
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Food, especially sushi/Indian. Reading a great history, or fantasy. RPGs, been playing D&D and such since age 13, I'm 39 now. Sex with my amazing wife...those are the major ones but the list changes with the seasons.
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I was once asked, "how do you know if someone is giving you the mating signal?", my reply was if you're not sure then it wasn't given.
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I'd say the answer depends on who you're trying to bewitch - where do they fall on the clock? If they need a more dominate female in their life, play that part; if they want a submissive, it sounds as though you could pull that off as well.
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Originally Posted By: Drake_Bamboozle As I see it, "label" here is the wrong word. What is really being discussed is the focussing of willpower through symbolism. Yes. That´s true, but I was talking about labeling oneself on common level

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