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Personally I think the whole eye for an eye thing is rather stupid. What I'd prefer to think about is how a woman with enough strength and energy to respond to my one stroke with a thousand might respond to a kiss!
General Satanism Discussions
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One book worth mentioning is Howard Bloom's The Lucifer Principle . First of all, I want to make it very clear that this book is by NO means about Luciferianism. The Lucifer Principle examines how nature is inherently brutal and most certainly does
General Satanism Discussions
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Originally Posted By: FeederOfLifeFrce I am NOT an activist. I keep to myself. If the knowledge of my being a Satanist makes others whom know what kind of person I truly am choose to cut me out of their lives or exclude me from association, that i
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Hail Magus Gilmore! Hail Satan!
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As I recall the Undercroft was offered about the time Facebook was becoming popular. It remains a far more exclusive Facebook-style medium and lacks many of the more obnoxious problems I understand Facebook users tolerate but continue to complain ab
General Satanism Discussions
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Rand handled epistemology (how we know what we know) and ethics (a guide to action) and art quite well but her metaphysics sadly was stuck in the 19th century and is therefore unreliable. But the clarity that her considerations offered about art wer

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