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As L'Horreur points out, there is a plethora of valuable information on the official Church of Satan public website: There alone you can probably find answers to the vast majority of your questions. Secondly, there are hundre
Questions about the Church of Satan
Jump to new posts Re: Cancel my profile by MissMina1556 @ 08/27/15 06:05 PM

Thank you Priestess LKRice for answering my question. Looks like LttD is stuck with me. Mina
General Satanism Discussions
Jump to new posts Re: Being born a Satanist? by Nemo @ 08/27/15 04:49 PM

Quote:I think some actively choose the hard road (present company included) in order to forge something better of ourselves without having yet achieved mastery. You are not what you do. Identity is not utility. You cannot BE "better".
General Satanism Discussions
Jump to new posts Re: Satanic views on food, diet, etc.? by Jakobo deTauxroj @ 08/27/15 02:54 PM

Since I started this post, I did get a copy of Satan Speaks! and The Devil's Notebook. If I wanted an authoritative answer from the top, LaVey wrote it in his own words a few times between the two books. Part of what I wanted to discuss with this thr
General Satanism Discussions
Jump to new posts Re: How do you define "love"? by Drake_Bamboozle @ 08/26/15 03:32 PM

It doesn't exist beyond anything other than a self-sufficient delusion. I am not immune to it. But that is what it is. Objectively speaking.
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Jump to new posts Re: Spamming posts by anna @ 08/24/15 02:00 PM

Quote:I'm deleting them as fast as I can. Priestess, it would help if every registered new account had to be approved by an administrator or a moderator before activated. Several forums, including UBB ones, introduced such a protective measure. That

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