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Jump to new posts Re: As requested your Uber flying car in on its way. by james barnaby @ Today at 06:29 AM

You know what else would be great? LIFE EXTENSION SCIENCE. Now this is a field I'm very much interested in. Imagine staying youthful for hundreds of years, enhancing the human condition.... Gotta work gotta work gotta save money haha! For the future.
General Satanism Discussions
Jump to new posts Satanism in a nutshell (My own thoughts) by CatHaRsIS @ Today at 05:47 AM

Nothing new here. This has all been said before. Just wrote down my thoughts and figured I'd share. For somebody who is wondering what Satanism is, this is what it means to me... Simply, to me it means freedom, with responsibility. Man created god
Jump to new posts Re: HKP Sigil of Baphomet medallions by Xerx @ 09/25/16 10:16 AM

In this store: it seems that we can find again many things of the CoS Emporium. Xerx
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Jump to new posts Re: Carnesiel by Nemo @ 09/24/16 11:01 PM

Sadly you are looking in the wrong message board. As Fester Addams once said, "Better luck next time!"
General Satanism Discussions
Jump to new posts Re: It is natural. by Mannyowar @ 09/22/16 06:46 AM

The Danes have made a science out of enjoying the moment and improving well-being - you can even study it at university! I think this article is relevant to this thread, which might just be one of the most important I've seen on here! For those of us
General Satanism Discussions
Jump to new posts Re: Ghosts/Spirits by Nemo @ 09/21/16 11:09 AM

Correct! Frankly there are numerous areas in legitimate psi research that need to be pursued to advance our use of this phenomena and all too commonly there remains only ignorant prejudice that blocks money from going in that direction. The science

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