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Letters to the Devil Guidelines

If you're posting on my message board, you agree to follow guidelines. I am a strong supporter of self-expression, but I also want to make this a safe place for communicating. Feel free to be open, opinionated and honest, but don't do any of the following things, or I may take your posting down. Serious violations will prompt me (or a moderator) to close your user account. For complete details on the Message Board standards, please read the Terms of Use & Privacy Policy.

I cannot stress enough that each person on this board is responsible for his/her own actions. If you act smart and respectful you will enjoy a rich experience here. Even though this will get repeated, DO NOT post information about yourself that someone else could use against you, this includes your full name, Phone Number, Home Address, etc. If someone asks you for your personal information I would suggest you NOT give them it. This goes double for any user under the age of 18, I would suggest you NOT tell people how old you are or any personal information and I would suggest you check with me if anyone approaches you about anything, as I can confirm the legitimacy of their claim.

This message board is NOT a dating service even though many people have met through here. I do not allow this message board to be used as a place to pick up people. It is extremely dangerous to "meet" with people you communicate with over the internet, I would suggest against it. If you are compelled to do so, I would suggest that you pick an extremely public place and have at least 2 friends with you at the time.

Your actions and choices are your responsibility; the outcome is yours to deal with alone, not me. These guidelines are here to help protect you from the stupid people of the world, don't become one of them!

Letters to the Devil Guidelines :

  • When choosing a Username, choose one that best represents you, not some unimaginative, off-the-wall name like "SatansSlut" or "Demon_Servant". Also, official titles (like Reverend, Priest, Magister, etc) within your username are not allowed unless you email me for approval first. All titles must be valid and must be recognized by the Church of Satan. This message board adheres to the philosophies set down by Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan NOT the Universal Life Church or some other [insert descriptive term here] group. If you are found to be using a Username that does not fall within these guidelines, your account will be deleted. This also means you cannot use such titles in your profile (bio) either. Only approved Church of Satan Members who have received a title from the Church of Satan Central Office and have cleared it with me first are allowed to use a title. As with anything, if you are unsure about a name, email me first, it will save both of us a lot of time.
  • Get used to the Message Board (READ THE USERS GUIDE: located in the "Read and Understand" Forum) and how things work within it before you start posting. This message board is NOT here to answer your questions about what your dark evil dreams about the Devil mean. Go see a head doctor!!
  • When posting a message, do not just post a question in the subject line and fail to fill in the body of the message - it is both annoying and worthless. Also when replying to a post do not just post one-liners like "LOL" or ":)". Add some content to your reply by showing your intelligence, not your interest in internet jargon or how short you can make a sentence. The goal here is quality not quantity of posts.
  • Remember, this is my domain, please use it wisely. If I delete one of your posts or do something else to your account, don't complain, because I did it for a reason. Learn from your mistakes and don't repeat them. Everyone makes mistakes, but please don't use it as an excuse to make more.

    Please Do not do any of the following :

  • Post personal information (yours or anyone else's), including, but not limited to, last names, phone numbers, home addresses, and e-mail addresses
  • Impersonate anyone (another user, an artist, a celebrity, etc.)
  • Make personal attacks on other users
  • Post advertisements or solicitations of services or goods without permission.
  • Post material that you do not own or have the right to use without permission from the owner.
  • Post unauthorized copyrighted material
  • Use language or make statements that endorse drug abuse, alcohol abuse, illegal activities or hatred
  • Flood the message board with repetitive posts
  • Include URLs for outside sites that violate any of the above rules or are Anti-Church of Satan in nature.

    Thank You,

    Magister Frost Owner and Operator
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