CoS Members Please Read This

Posted By: Magister Frost

CoS Members Please Read This - 01/27/04 05:21 AM

I have removed every CoS Members access to the CoS Members section. Please contact HighPriestess Nadramia for instructions on regaining your access rights.

Please email and include a note about requesting access to the CoS Section of Letters to the Devil.

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Posted By: MagistraNadramia

Your Patience is Required - 01/28/04 01:04 AM

We are currently reviewing the requirements for Members Only access with an eye toward tightening them up. Snail mail contact may be required. Blame any inconvenience on those who abused their accounts here.
Posted By: MagistraNadramia

Re: Your Patience is Required - 03/29/04 01:37 PM

I have completed the upgrade to all CoS Members' accounts. If you are still waiting for your access, it's because you haven't contacted me via email, or haven't responded to the questions you were asked.
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