Unable to login/access account

Posted By: UnholyRoller

Unable to login/access account - 09/19/13 08:36 PM

I've been a user for quite a few years now, and can't seem to login to the it possible my account has been locked?
Posted By: Unknown

Locked Account? - 09/19/13 09:01 PM

No because my account is doing the same thing. I suspect it has something to do with the website itself.
Posted By: LKRice

Re: Locked Account? - 09/19/13 10:13 PM

It's possible Magister Frost is performing maintenance or upgrading the site.
Posted By: Dax9

Re: Unable to login/access account - 09/20/13 05:19 AM

Just so everyone knows, the Undercroft seems to have been up and fine now for the last several hours. coopdevil

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