LTTD vs. Satan Net

Posted by: Clinthulhu

LTTD vs. Satan Net - 05/22/16 10:42 AM

What is the difference between Letters to the Devil and the SatanNet Undercroft forums? I'm a member of both however LTTD seems like it has more active users.

I'm fine with being a member of both however I was just curious as to why there are two different forum sites/groups.

Thank You
~Hail Satan
Posted by: Nemo

Re: LTTD vs. Satan Net - 05/22/16 11:51 AM

This is only my opinion and I am not an internet "expert" by any means!

Letters to the Devil is the older set of forums in a message board format.

Undercroft is a more "modern" social network format in the style of Facebook.

Frankly I find the message board format much easier to use in discussing any topic but the "Facebook style" of the Undercroft has its advantages as well.

Others opinions may (and probably will) differ.
Posted by: Clinthulhu

Re: LTTD vs. Satan Net - 05/22/16 02:24 PM

Thank you Magister Nemo. I enjoy reading both I just wasn't sure if there was a reason for the two or if I was missing something.
Posted by: Nemo

Re: LTTD vs. Satan Net - 05/23/16 12:10 PM

As I recall the Undercroft was offered about the time Facebook was becoming popular.

It remains a far more exclusive Facebook-style medium and lacks many of the more obnoxious problems I understand Facebook users tolerate but continue to complain about.

There is also the issue that anything put on Facebook essentially "belongs" to that organization forever.

But again that is only according to my limited understanding. Some people love Facebook ...and those who are Satanists are missing something really special with the Undercroft in my opinion.
Posted by: Dax9

Re: LTTD vs. Satan Net - 05/30/16 11:17 PM

I also have an account on the Undercroft as well as here on LttD. Like Magister Nemo I feel that these two mediums of communication are more Satanically exclusive and superior to that of Facebook. But alas, the vast majority of users have migrated to FB and now seldom haunt this old lair as they once did.

Quite honestly, if you are looking to interact with a much greater number of like minded individuals, you would get more mileage from the CoS unofficial FB group:

Just a suggestion.