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Posted By: Machine

Military Section - 08/25/03 02:48 AM

Perhaps this would better remain in the politics section, but I've noticed there is a notable percentage of Members here who are either currently active duty in the armed forces, or have experience beneath their belt that have alot of wisdom to contribute. Alot of changes that could affect Satanists politically are being made behind the scenes that deserve discussion in a forum as such. I kindly request the good Reverend to decide whether or not he wants to include a section like this for future dialogue.

Posted By: Bedrosian

Re: Military Section - 08/25/03 05:51 AM

I second the motion. Next July I will join the armed services and I gladly listen to what other Satanists have to say about their time in the military. And maybe after serving some time in the army, I can also contribute to those conversations.

Maybe this sort of forum would be more suitable in the Members Only section? This time I have no objection for that.

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Re: Military Section - 09/18/03 11:53 PM

I am joining the Navy tommorrow and i would enjoy discussing these issues with others.

also, when im gone to boot camp (probably in january) is my account going to expire for not logging in (again)
Posted By: Volkodlak

Re: Military Section - 09/19/03 12:23 PM

I suppose that might be a good idea, but I'm sure we'd run out of "unclassified" topics to discuss sooner or later.
Posted By: Machine

Re: Military Section - 09/20/03 02:51 AM

Believe me, there are PLENTY of things I would love to discuss! and always have something that raises a concern....

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Re: Military Section - 09/20/03 05:20 AM

I agree! But I guess for now its / and
Posted By: Magister_Lang

Re: Military Section - 12/06/03 04:36 AM

I like your idea. Considering so many of you are spread throughout the globe under similar circumstances this may prove to be a valuable asset to the military Satanist. You all share a certain dynamic that many will never experience in their civilian lifetime and I think this will even further enrich the board. Your perspectives are often unique, realistic and refreshing. Certainly this would be of interest to me. Especially now since we are at war.
Lex Talionis!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Military Section - 12/07/03 12:21 AM

Hello, I just joined this discussion group not maybe 5 minutes ago based on this thread. I have been in the Air Force for almost three years now, and though I can't speak for every unit or the Air Force as a while, my unit has been very accommodating with regard to my affiliation as a Satanist. Many of the people I serve with have gone so far as to do their own research as to the general gist of what Satanism represesnts and a few have taken a (sometimes unnecessary) protective attitude towards me and my beliefs. Admittedly, we don't have an actual listing for your record of emergency data...but you can add it to the additional comments on that form...otherwise you just get "Other Religions" if you don't want to be listed as Wiccan or Pagan. I hope this was at least mildly informative.
Posted By: Drake_Bamboozle

Re: Military Section - 12/07/03 12:34 PM

I think that's a very nice idea.

Maybe even make it a "services only" forum - a private place for you guys and gals.
Posted By: Machine

Re: Military Section - 12/17/03 01:54 AM is worth a good laugh. I don't see how the moderator gets away with doing it, considering he's stationed at Lackland AFB. His site is updated every so often and is worth checking frequently.

Posted By: Poetic_Berserker

Re: Military Section - 01/15/04 01:41 PM

That is an excellent idea. I would love to see that. As of 5 days ago I have been an active Army member for a year. As of right now, I am typing this reply sitting in Bagram, Afghanistan. I normally visit this site alot... daily out here. It would be nice to have discussions as to things/ongoings in my occupation.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Military Section - 01/17/04 04:21 PM

I also think there should be a forum for fitness trainers. They have the ear of the powerful, juts like a tailor or doctor, and are almost per definition elite.
Posted By: Wonka

Re: Military Section - 01/17/04 04:45 PM

Recommended Reading
Posted By: Caesar

Re: Military Section - 01/19/04 03:00 PM

Finally! I've been waiting for someone from Afghanistan to post.

Hail the Great Satan!
Posted By: Poetic_Berserker

Re: Military Section - 01/19/04 05:04 PM

It looks like you got your wish. It is interesting out here, you get to see who people really are, unlike back in the states. I have learned alot about everyone from merely observing everyone's behavior and actions... and not everyone is as they portray themselves to be.
Hail Lucifer!
Posted By: WyckedImp

Re: Military Section - 01/19/04 05:42 PM

Most definitely! In "the field" and especially on a long deployment in a foreign country, one really does get to know the people that one works with much better. They show their true colors! They cannot hide their true selves 24/7. It's actually quite amusing to watch their real character emerge!

Hail Satan!
Posted By: Poetic_Berserker

Re: Military Section - 01/19/04 08:00 PM

I have seen a couple change for the better, most change for the worse. As for myself... I really haven't changed, everyone in my unit says that as well. I find it odd that anyone would want to be anything other than themself.
Posted By: Machine

Re: Military Section - 01/20/04 08:30 AM

A splendid idea. Now the Air Force has the mandatory 1 1/2 mile run, push-ups and sit-ups as of 1 Jan 04. I can tell just by looking that most of the AF is going to fail this one (hospital personnel especially). While I have always been one to spend time at the gym, the incentive to stay fit is there even more so now that it is mandatory, as this can effect promotion testing, re-enlistment eligibility and one's career overall. General Jumper is keen on making the Air Force similar to the "Army of One" concept and is willing to great lengths to make this happen. I just read on the Air Force Times website ( he is looking to reduce the force by 16,000 personnel and am willing to bet he will use this to filter out the "waste" as well. It's good to be a 4-star general!

Posted By: Machine

Re: Military Section - 01/20/04 08:40 AM

Iraq. What a place! I've only seen it by air and haven't been back since (KC-135 refueling mission back in 1991). Keep up the good work.

Right now the media is pushing for answers regarding the Weapons of Mass Destruction the President claims Saddam had in storage (Story). While I am skeptical as to their existance on a personal note, if they're out there, we'll find them.

I'm heading back to Korea for my 4th remote here soon. Another place Bush dubbed as an "Axis of Evil". With any luck, we'll be able to end what was started over 50 years ago. Being remote is a great place to learn everything about your MOS (us AF guys have AFSC's) and build upon your professional career. Take full advantage of it.

Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Military Section - 01/20/04 05:01 PM

The navy has the 1 1/2 mile run and all that. As a matter of fact, I took the test last week. I apologize for butting in like this. My name is Robert, and myself as well is in the United States active duty.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Military Section - 01/20/04 11:25 PM

Yes, and let us not forget the medical professionals, and horse trainers (after all how much more "elite" can you get than to nurse back to health the president or train Olympic calibur horses) I am sure I can think of a few more specialities to add.........
Posted By: Machine

Re: Military Section - 01/21/04 03:21 AM

Not too worry, Robert, and glad to make your acquaintance! We have Navy personnel here at Misawa and they seem more relaxed than their Air Force counterparts. While it may be the "grass is greener on the other side" the Navy folks here have always been cool to hang with. Welcome aboard.

Posted By: Matthew Miles

Re: Military Section - 12/19/10 12:11 AM

I served in the US Army and the Air Force and I am in full support of this idea.
Posted By: LKRice

Re: Military Section - 12/19/10 01:57 PM

Please pay attention to the dates of posts before submitting a new reply. No need to dig up posts that are six or seven years dead and buried.

There's a military forum in the Members' Only forums. You'll need to have your account upgraded to Member and VIP status to access it.
Posted By: xiaonvren

Re: Military Section - 12/20/14 11:03 AM

I should add that generally speaking "feeling at one" is more in line with imagination than hallucination. Most people who treat hallucinations as "real" perceive them as objective and not subjective.

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