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Posted By: Magister Frost

Embed YouTube Video - 04/17/07 08:21 PM

As you may have noticed (or not) there is now a new icon on the Post Options bar when creating a new post or reply. The new icon is red with the word Tube in it. This is for embedding YouTube content into your post WITHOUT pasting the code from youtube's site which does not work correctly.

Here is how it works.... You press the Tube button and it pops up a box asking for "YouTube Video ID" ... you paste in the Video ID from youtube and click OK. This will now embed the youtube video into your post.

What is the YouTube Video ID? ... if you find a video on that you want to share you will need it's ID. The ID can be obtained from the "URL" section on the youtube site. In the URL section on youtube you will see a URL like this: ... the video ID is all the characters AFTER the "?v=" so in this example the video ID is "OzhLT5uNlgs" ... this is ALL you need. When it asks you for the Video ID just copy in everything AFTER the "v=" .... If you copy in anything else it will not work.

Posted By: Magister Frost

Re: Embed YouTube Video - 04/17/07 08:30 PM

You may notice that in Firefox, you may not be able to play the video. I have not figured out exactly why this happens but it seems to be a firefox problem as it works just fine in IE. If you update your flash player ( that may help you. I will post here if I figure anything else out, or just use IE to view the post.
Posted By: ABZU

Re: Embed YouTube Video - 04/17/07 10:15 PM

In Firefox I can only interact with it by right clicking and my options are zoom or quality, but no play and no link. If anyone finds an update or fix please post it here. I really donít like using IE.

Magister, is there any hope for Google video being integrated in the future as well?

Thanks for your hard work,

Posted By: Magister Frost

Re: Embed YouTube Video - 04/18/07 12:05 AM

Yes there is hope, I have plans for adding quite a few video feeds.
Posted By: Magister Frost

Re: Embed YouTube Video - 04/18/07 03:26 PM

Ok I have added some other "functionality" to this ... The only one of these that is selectable from the Post Options Icons is the YouTube, I am working on adding the others but for now you can add them into a post manually.






Let me know if you have any problems, as I have not "tested" all of these yet.
Posted By: Mr. Obsidian

Re: Embed YouTube Video - 04/19/07 08:37 PM

AWESOME new features, Magister.

I use Firefox Version, and I am able to play the videos without any problem.

Thanks for implementing this very useful idea.

Posted By: Noxilenticus

Re: Embed YouTube Video - 04/20/07 12:03 AM

Hrmm... I'm using firefox 1.5 (because some of the plugins I use aren't compatible with firefox 2.0) on Windows XP. The problem seems to happen only some of the time. One time I fiddled around and clicked the bottom right of the picture and it loaded for me. I think you have some alignment problems with your page that are making this error. On my Ubuntu Linux machine I browse in firefox 1.5 and I can click on the picture no problem everytime, but there is a white box that surrounds the picture. There is a kid in our LUG (Linux Users Group) at the University I attened that works for firefox. He said chances are if something doesn't work for your page then you are probably not following W3 standards, which the developers for firefox adhere. You can check your html here:

I ran this page through (not logged into my account), and there seems to be some alignment bugs with it. Hope that helps.
Posted By: DraconisLuciferi

Re: Embed YouTube Video - 04/30/07 12:49 AM

I was going to embed a You Tube video in a post, but the You Tube button is gone, so I used the [youtube]VideoID[/youtube] ubbcode, but it would not work. I tried it on my Mac using Safari and Firefox, and then on my notebook using IE. When posting I had my settings set to use ubbcode and html.
Posted By: DraconisLuciferi

Re: Embed YouTube Video - 04/30/07 12:51 AM

Here's an example:
Posted By: Magister Frost

Re: Embed YouTube Video - 04/30/07 06:09 AM

The youtube feature among many others that are missing will return again next week, currently I am working on the huge ADJ Spring Collection release which will be finalized tomorrow and then my attention can turn to the board again. Right now I am just too busy.
Posted By: DraconisLuciferi

Re: Embed YouTube Video - 04/30/07 11:56 AM

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