Small LttD Upgrade

Posted by: Magister Frost

Small LttD Upgrade - 05/08/08 01:44 PM

I applied the last of the bug fixes today ... so everything should work. I will begin adding back some features that are missing soon!
Posted by: Queen Shiba

Re: Small LttD Upgrade - 05/08/08 05:43 PM

Magister Ventrue, might one of the issues you are working on be the email issue I am having? I do not receive email notifications for anything from LttD.

I did at first, when I first joined, then the email notifications stop arriving in my email.

Thank you.

Janet Marie
Posted by: Magister Frost

Re: Small LttD Upgrade - 05/08/08 07:56 PM

You might want to check your spam settings on your email ... if you add and to your allowed domains that might fix your problem ... mail servers block "satanic" domains all the time as spam. But I will also look at your account.
Posted by: Queen Shiba

Re: Small LttD Upgrade - 05/09/08 06:06 AM

Thank you very much Magister Ventrue. I will check my settings here.

I'll let you know if I start receiving the email notifications.

Janet Marie
Posted by: Citizen Jonesy

Re: to magister - 06/16/08 03:22 PM

Ah, just what I needed after a bad day. A comedy show!