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Posted By: Mannyowar

Signing in to - 06/30/15 03:49 PM

I've been away from here for a few years now. My old login still works fine , I can see all the forums including downstairs. But I cannot log into I was just wondering if the Undercroft still exists or has the Facebook group made it redundant? If it still exists could my access be sorted please.
Posted By: Nemo

Re: Signing in to - 06/30/15 08:46 PM

The Undercroft is alive and well. I understand it will soon be updated yet again and will offer far more for the Satanist than you can possibly find (or create) on the popular-for-the-masses Facebook (where enjoying the growing number of obnoxious ads can, I suppose, be a sort of hobby. grin ).

I am not involved in the administration of the Undercroft but I would suggest that you clear your cookies on your browser and try again. Chances are good you are not typing in the correct password.
Posted By: Mannyowar

Re: Signing in to - 07/01/15 10:18 PM

Thank you Magister smile I shall try again and if it doesn't work I can always re-register.
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