Some questions

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Some questions - 03/18/04 11:31 AM

Ladies and gentlemen, answer, please, some questions if you will not complicate.

1. How do you came to the own sights?
2. What reasons for you comprehension of the satanist?
3. To me interestingly your understanding satanism. In what it consists?
4. What your principles consist?
5. Than or whom for you the Devil is? Darkness is?
6. How your way they are connected among themselves?
7. How you concern to paganism?
8. How you concern to atheism? To scepticism?
9. What for you such concepts as honour, advantage mean?
10. Whether they are connected in your understanding with satanism?
11. With what works of authors - satanists, except A.S.LaVey you are know?
12. What you races?
13. What yours IQ on Asenk? Ravenn? Kettell?
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Re: Some questions - 03/18/04 12:00 PM

Yoda, is that you?
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I WILL complicate!... - 03/18/04 12:07 PM

Go to and read up.

Then, go to the Emporium (which is linked here and there), then buy yourself copies of the Doktor's works -- then: STUDY!

All your questions and more will be thus answered.

That's more than enough gratuity for today. If you really wanna thank me -- just do it (go there and READ, then re-read until you get it)! Can't get the books because you're broke? Get a job! Save money and buy them.

The best things in life are free...

They may be for you, but somebody else is paying for them!

Otherwise: do yourself (and us) a favour and GO AWAY!

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Re: Some questions - 03/18/04 12:07 PM


Here's a question for you: Have you read The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey? The majority of your questions are answered in that book, some directly, and some indirectly. It may even be possible to find a copy in your native language, which I'm guessing isn't English.

Also, there are many excellent essays you should familiarize yourself with if you haven't already at The Church Of Satan website, specifically the Theory And Practice section.

Those two sources will give you a wealth of knowledge concerning Satanism.
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ROFLMAO! - 03/18/04 12:09 PM

I'm not into one-liners usually...

But I just had to say it: HILARIOUS !