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Holidays - 10/02/17 06:53 PM

Out of curiosity I would like to know some of the holidays you celebrate, other than Yuletide and your birthday, as a satanist, and I also want to know what you do for Easter? It is meant as a Christian holiday, and sure walpurgisnacht starts 30 days after in 2018 and the start of spring is about 10 or 11 days beforehand, but what would you do for an "Easter" break off of work or school if anything in particular?
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Re: Holidays - 10/02/17 11:41 PM

The Satanic Bible suggests only three:

Walpurgisnacht, Halloween and your own birthday; and the first two are largely 'optional'.

How you celebrate the year is largely up to you.
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Re: Holidays - 10/02/17 11:42 PM

Any day that has significant meaning or value to you could be a personal holiday: Your anniversary with your significant other, Mardi Gras, an anniversary of some outstanding achievement, a day filled with personal happy memories (or mourning), a day you and your buddies annually like to have dinner & get the idea. Ony YOU can decide what constitutes a "holiday" for you.

but what would you do for an "Easter" break off of work or school if anything in particular?

Anything you want! Sleep late, work on some creative endeavors, go to the gym, spend time with loved ones, go to a shooting range, watch movies, read a book, go to the beach....anything you like. Of course, Satanists could care less about the xtian meanings behind "easter", but Satanists do welcome things like time off and extra holiday pay! cool Moreover, what I'm really getting at is that Satanists don't necessarily stay home and have "dark rituals" on their chosen holidays...but if they do choose to, that's fine also.

However, if you're looking for a textbook answer, see the chapter "Religious Holidays" in The Satanic Bible. Better still, feel free to give THIS a look! coopdevil
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Re: Holidays - 10/03/17 10:54 AM

I personally celebrate Easter and Christmas, but not because they are "Christian" holidays. It's important to remember that these holidays were originally pagan and were only Christianized in order to bring people into the church.

For example, I celebrate Christmas, not as the birthday of the Jewish god, but as the birthday of the unconquered Sun - Sol Invictus - during the winter solstice. When stripped of all Christianizing elements, Christmas is really a day filled with pagan symbolism, one that celebrates the carnal aspect of mankind.
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Re: Holidays - 10/03/17 04:35 PM

I celebrate Christmas for personal reasons. It's an excuse to get together with people I cherish, ingest good food and drinks and give and receive gifts. What more reason could a Satanist need?