How passionate of a Satanist are you?

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How passionate of a Satanist are you? - 10/03/17 04:16 PM

I seem to have problems being passionate about my satanic beliefs at times. However I still follow the teachings and at some times I feel like the most passionate Satanist out there. I'm curious to know how you feel your "passion" would be described towards your beliefs in the philosophy. And if so, why are you so passionate if you would know?

EDIT: I am talking about Laveyan Satanism in specific, so TST and other types of satanism are not what I am trying to bring up here.
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Re: How passionate of a Satanist are you? - 10/03/17 04:31 PM

I donít consider Satanism a passion. It's just a very handy tool.
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Re: How passionate of a Satanist are you? - 10/03/17 04:48 PM

Well it is a handy tool, but it is definitely a philosophy in my eyes as well. For instance, while some can just be atheist, they never went to church, just don't have any particular beliefs, there are those very passionate atheists such as Richard Dawkins. What I'm asking isn't how you see it as a passion, it's how passionate you are about the philosophy.
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Re: How passionate of a Satanist are you? - 10/04/17 01:16 AM

How passionate of a Satanist are you?

I consider the practice of rating myself (such as "most passionate Satanist", "least passionate Satanist", etc) to be counterproductive, for 3 reasons.

1. The practice yields no fruit.

Ask yourself: if you label yourself as "most passionate Satanist", what do you earn?

The same with "least passionate Satanist".

What prize is there?

There isn't any.

In a sense, you've simply created a perfect Underwater Fire Prevention strategy: you've done a lot of work, and have zero practical use for it.

2. The practice is impossible, because that which is being SOUGHT is the thing doing the SEEKING.

The only way you would be able to objectively give yourself a label would be to see yourself from the outside.

(Which is impossible).

To put it another way, imagine you're standing on top of a hill with a pair of binoculars, and you're looking for YOURSELF.

It doesn't matter which way you look.

You'll never find what you're looking for! laugh

The same goes with rating yourself.

No matter how accurately you attempt to do so, it is simply impossible, because that which is doing the SEEKING is the thing being SOUGHT.

3. It's a white elephant.

Even if you COULD accurately rate yourself, and you COULD reach the status of "most passionate Satanist", you would then need to contend with OTHERS who consider themselves the most passionate.

So you'd be defending a self-given label, which offers zero benefit, and expending precious resources that could be spent on other pursuits.

It's like giving yourself the title of "fastest gun in the west".

The title offers nothing of value, AND you always have to worry about someone else wanting to prove that THEY are the fastest!

The same goes with all types of self-rating.

An individual can't be "passionate", only FEEL passion about a subject.

You might as well just dispense with the practice of trying to label yourself with "what" you are, and instead just rest easy knowing that you simply are.

It makes things much easier for you.

Plus, you open up more time accomplish constructive tasks. For example, looking into why the term "Laveyan Satanism" is redundant.
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Re: How passionate of a Satanist are you? - 11/01/17 12:31 PM

Thank you for your responses, they are refreshing.

I'm one of those who grew up going to Sunday school, and I'm just now exposing myself to more intricate aspects of Satanism. It's never been something I was ignorant to, but something I wrongly ignored for a long time. Like having an itch that the load you choose to carry is keeping you from scratching.

I'm the lead dev on a pretty ambitious indie PC title, and it was agony before I started to accept some things. It still is, but a lot of the reading I have been doing is inspiring and empowering. I would say I'm very passionate, but you'd never know... it's my little secret. Such a powerful secret.
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Re: How passionate of a Satanist are you? - 11/26/17 11:35 AM

It fluctuates with me. There are times when I would consciously plan things around how evil or Satanic it would be to do (x.) At those points, I put on my theistic hat and let people on like I truly believe in what I'm saying. In the end, I know it's all bullshit, but it does help to keep thinking to myself, "Pazuzu urges me to protect children, so these karate lessons are worth it," or "Asmodeus grants me his seductive powers for sex."

The most passionate you can be as a Satanist is just admitting to oneself that you're human.