The keys to success...

Posted by: Illvillage

The keys to success... - 11/27/17 10:53 AM

I believe it is all to often that the keys of success are defined in very finite ways. Even when living outside the box and circumnavigating it as much as possible the reality sets in that when success is to be achieved it can only be recognizably achieved in one particular way. In the modern world this of course defined by finance. Why else would a starving occupant of a third world country want to be a "Satanist"? The perpetual enslavement to finance/capital and all that it entails is never ending. Would the artist paint day in and day out to have his paintings never leave the privacy of his own home? Unlike physical training which has very visual results that could not be denied, the lonely artist will never be able to quantify his artistry to the outside world. With this in mind what does the art become to this artist? Is it expression, creativity, or a desperate plea for some sort of worth or proof? Though a millionaire and a homeless man can both walk on the same hiking trail they most certainly experience it differently. This experience can be related but never replicated. It cannot be bought or sold, constructed or instructed. It is utterly devoid of material value, much like the art that will never see the light of day.

I feel as though finding the intrinsic value of this is one of the defining principles of satanism. There is no herd, there's no collection, no group or club. There's the current of existence belonging solely to the one controlling it and all within it's realm is given value as it's ruler deems fit. Perhaps to the homeless man the hiking trail contained more intrinsic value than the millionaire's most prized possessions. Now, one could argue that material wealth will almost always be needed to facilitate value.

Let's look at aesthetics. One may seek to define themselves with exotic brand names or jewelry. Stripped of this would they still be recognizable? Carnality and indulgence can, to me, be turned inward. An aspiring Satanist may be burgeoning with questions, but the answer is always clear, find out for yourself. No one can tell you. You either indulge in knowledge,or you know very little. None can tell the true value of the hiking trail, and if they could speak of it's value to them would it bear the same weight in your world? If the ruling class is eating feces, will you grab a plate?

My point is define your own keys to success, what would being a millionaire truly change for you? If the "upper hand" was given to you freely as you bob like a lone buoy on a tumultuous sea of uncertainty would you truly be able to wield it? I believe you would falter, waiver, and ultimately throw it all way.
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Re: The keys to success... - 11/27/17 03:35 PM

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is a useful model to consider when looking at what one values.

At the basic bottom of the diagram are survival needs: food, shelter. clothing.

When survival basics are under some control then "higher" needs become more important.

So in all of this there is an overall determining factor of what "level" are you operating on at any one moment.

If you are starving, freezing, and thirsty then your concerns over any form of art will be closer to zero.

If not, then other issues will be involved.
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Re: The keys to success... - 11/27/17 04:00 PM

The comparisons were not meant in a way so much as to say that a homeless man cannot appreciate or produce art simply because he's more concerned with his own survival. I was drawing the line to moreso the "grass is greener" and approval seeking types. The art never seeing the light of day is being used to say that if something could be produced solely for personal use/pleasure and would never be seen by another person would it still hold the same value? Art that would never be bought or sold, nor displayed. Of course assuming that the producer of said art has all their basic needs met and is obviously not producing the art to achieve an income. It is also not to examine the cause or motivation behind said art.
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Re: The keys to success... - 11/28/17 10:45 AM

In my experience, the key to success is far simpler.

STEP 1: Recognize a need. For example, a desire to draw a picture.

STEP 2: Follow through on that need. For example, drawing a picture.

STEP 3: Repeat step 2 until step 1 ceases to be a problem.

Simple. Effective. And no need for hypothetical starving artists. laugh