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Posted by: Natureboy

Quick Question - 11/30/17 07:15 AM

How long does it take for an application to be processed on average? I know the application asks for an allowance for one year, but I'd appreciate a more direct estimate.
Posted by: Drake_Bamboozle

Re: Quick Question - 11/30/17 11:50 AM

I presume you mean an application to join the Church of Satan?

Usually about 12 weeks. Although it can take longer, depending on volume of applications.

Active membership will almost certainly take over a year, usually 2 or more.

But if you apply for active membership I always say to people don't sit around waiting. Show us what you bring to the table.
Posted by: Natureboy

Re: Quick Question - 11/30/17 02:49 PM

Yep thats what I was looking for, thank you for the response.
Posted by: Drake_Bamboozle

Re: Quick Question - 11/30/17 09:09 PM

Just for clarification, sorry. If you apply for Active membership at the same time, you will receive your membership / red card first. Your active membership will then be processed separately.

Which is why I always say: be pro-active! You're a Satanist, show us what you've got.

Magister Lang said the same thing to me when I joined. And I never even received any Active membership acknowledgement. I simply got on with what I do and was made first, Warlock and then subsequently invited to the Priesthood.