Candle alternatives ?

Posted By: Tigerprincess

Candle alternatives ? - 12/01/17 03:29 AM

I know I may be answering my own question here but using a scented wax warmer for a particular scent to be inbued into the room and using LED candles... would that work for illumination for ritual ? I ask this because I live in an assisted living facility where candles and any other open flame are not allowed.
Posted By: Citizen Jonesy

Re: Candle alternatives ? - 12/04/17 03:26 PM

I say, whatever works in creating your intellectual decompression's your working, make it work for you.

That is actually a good idea. I may implement something similar myself.
Posted By: Drake_Bamboozle

Re: Candle alternatives ? - 12/04/17 06:29 PM

Yep. Use whatever you like.

Even if you use LED candles there are a whole variety to choose from. just find ones you personally find the most evocative.

I also have those electric wax warmers. But I put scented oils in them. Works even better - and easier to clean out wink
Posted By: Aesalon

Re: Candle alternatives ? - 12/15/17 03:59 PM

I was thinking about that the other day. You could do whatever suits you and works for you.

You could get red lights, or whatever colour you wish to use for the mood.

I found these electric flames that from afar look real and give the same impression as real candles. I think I will get white and red plastic cylinders and place those electric flickering lights in them. It's one of many ways to get creative. Just an example.
Posted By: Babydoll

Re: Candle alternatives ? - 01/02/18 02:54 PM

I have an LED head lamp with the 'red light' mode. Generally, as my husband has made me aware many times - I look like a bit of tool when I wear my headlamp (but they're so handy! especially when you want your hands free). So I hung the headlamp around my neck, and that worked well.

The red light mode doesn't make your pupils contract so it's good for nighttime. Also gives a nice warm atmosphere.
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