I almost died last Saturday

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I almost died last Saturday - 12/24/17 04:38 PM

I was hit head on coming back home from dropping my brother off at work. The fucktard that hit me was texting, and he admitted that when we met in the street. Okay, I think a better breakdown would be needed.

-It was around 7:20 am, but still a little dusky, but that's ok, my car has automatic headlights.
-I was rounding a curve and beginning to slow down due to speed limit change.
-I saw the other car cross over into my lane, so I reacted by flicking my lights. He did not move back over.
-When I saw it was gonna happen, I breathed out and kept my left hand on the wheel.
-When I stopped completely, I put the car in park, checked myself out, and left the car to kick the shit out of the other guy.
-We met in the middle of the road, and he told me he was texting. I got angrier, but he was bleeding from the head, so I became concerned.
-Neighborhood lady asks if we're ok, I tell her to call emergency services. I call home and tell my mom what happened.
-EMS arrives, they both come toward me, I tell them no, the other guy has a bleeding head, they leave me alone. They got another ambulance for me. I get in and they check me out.
-I go to the ER for better attention (xray, EKG, etc.) The nurse at the check in was the hottest girl I've seen that day.
-Sheriff tells me the asswipe changed his story to a deer in the road... bullshit. I saw no deer. Regardless, the dumbass told me he was texting right after we hit. Usually what someone says immediately after a crisis is truth.

So now, I'm waiting for the insurance to pay off so we can get a new car. He's not as bad off as I want, but I'm alive, so that's all I care about. I'm ok physically for the most part, except my bones ache. Mentally, I feel like Christopher Walken from the Dead Zone. I'm hoping I do get some kinda super awesome mental abilities from this near death experience, but this isn't the movies lol.
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Re: I almost died last Saturday - 12/29/17 02:09 AM

Congratulations on your survival!

Such things remind us of what is important.

Personally I'm looking forward to the removal of all human monkeys from behind the wheels of automotive vehicles as self-driving machines fill the streets.
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Re: I almost died last Saturday - 12/30/17 05:12 AM

Bit of an update:

I talked to his insurance and it sounds like they're paying for everything, as they should. I'm taking full advantage of this too by going to a psychologist and having him pay for my sessions. I've been getting nervous even as a passenger in a car, so I'm getting this checked out before it turns into anything worse. I like driving and that asshole took my car, and almost took my life. And still no psychic powers lol.

As far as the self-driving vehicles go, the Tesla is something you'd enjoy looking at. It's almost sci-fi how that thing works.
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Re: I almost died last Saturday - 12/30/17 09:19 PM

Diamandis of Singularity University now predicts that car ownership will be dead by 2025 due to autonomous (self-driving) Uber-style vehicles.

I can easily see where the day will come sooner than expected that human drivers will be banned on the roads, first in urban areas and then everywhere.

As Darwin might have put it, "Why did it have to be MONKEYS!" grin
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