The Role of Latin in Satanic Liturgy


The Role of Latin in Satanic Liturgy - 02/04/18 03:53 AM

As a student of Latin, I consider the phrase, "in nomine dei nostri satanas luciferi excelsi."

First of all, the lower case is the academic pedigree, and anyone proficient in Latin liturgy, be it catholic or satanic, will require we attend to the convention of all lower-case. It has no import to meaning, but it is a convention worth noting, when attempting to form relationships with those truly proficient in Latin. They are all slaves to form, and they immediately throw overboard, anyone who doesn't attend to the rules.

More importantly, however, to my mind, is the fundamental doctrine of LaVey, that Greater Magic is there to make one feel like a magician, and the inconsistency of apparent exclusion of anything further in Latin beyond the root premise of the Invocation to Satan.

Why would there be no further interest in Latin, as a language the makes one FEEL like a magician, beyond the premise of the Invocation?

I have further questions for clergy beyond this, but I don't want to wear out my welcome on my second post, nor come across as anything but a FRIEND. I merely offer the fruits of my mind that I come across through long effort.

I'm not here to judge, but to amalgamate with my own kind, who may not have considered the extension of the utility of Latin beyond the basic premise of Lesser Magic.

I believe that Latin, as a language that makes one FEEL like a magician, has a much greater role in the future of established, COS Magical curriculum vitae.

I would ask clergy consider the worth, import, and aesthetic import of the following.

Also, I can provide absolutely perfect Latin pronunciation, as established by the highest Latin authority, who sets cirriculae for the most elite academic faculty in the Western World--and no, that is NOT an exaggeration.
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Re: The Role of Latin in Satanic Liturgy - 02/04/18 11:33 PM

As an entirely pragmatic religion devoted to promoting the individual there is no reason I can think of why you should not personally use Latin (or any other language) as you wish if it works better for you.

Go for it! grin

Re: The Role of Latin in Satanic Liturgy - 02/14/18 05:29 AM

I hope you don't mind if I get a little bit sentimental here, Magister Nemo, but I spent around a decade communicating with you and following your posts, and even listened to several audio presentations you gave, and it's almost choking me up a bit that yours is the first message in reply to my attempt to reconnect with the COS. I've been up front and honest about everything, so I hope there's no suspicion of subterfuge. I was once an extremely active user by the name of Dark Passenger, and I was kicked off many, many years ago, frankly, for my inability to manage the politics of socializing on a discussion site, rather than any root differences with anyone. The reality is that I was simply immature in dealing with discussion online, and instead of correcting some aggressive posts, I chose to double-down and lost--as was right and proper, because I was wrong.

Having managed a discussion channel elsewhere with over 77,000 followers, and having spent all day every day for at least two years, posting new discussions and having aggregated over 4,000, in addition to all the administration involved, I've finally matured enough to feel I'm ready to get back in touch with the people whose minds I've always valued most, who have had inexpressible influence in my life, and mostly, who I feel, emotionally, most at home with--and most importantly, do so gracefully, respectfully, and without all the immaturity that is typical of those in their first years of relationships created through text on discussion sites.

Getting back to the topic under discussion, Latin does offer me an enormous ability to "feel like a Magician." It is a great irony, that from all the influence I gained from the COS in general, and your and other users of LTTD in particular, much of it was the radical focus on simply being sincere and think individually. I say this because there is so much invoked self-deception in the world, necessitated by economy, that escaping into lies is the norm.

New development I've gained as a Satanist, over the years I've been away, have really shown me the gains in opposite terms, which is the development of fantasy life, while anchoring to reality, and departing the fantasy state any time I want. A little generalized, and probably crazy sounding, but I don't want to necessarily hit up my old friend with tombs of writing on my first post in re-introduction.

For what it's worth, I feel the pragmatic, practical, hard-bitten realist is kind of old news to me, and these days, I divide my time, from waking until sleeping, in constant discussion in analysis, but then departing analysis for fantasy, then stepping back into reality.

It's become almost military drill and ceremony for me as far as routine goes. Even Westworld's programmers would probably find me incredibly formulaic, in terms of the Satanic dualism of indulgence in radical fantasy, but absolutely practical reality, and entering and exiting states with formulaic precision.

I feel an impulse to share the effects of countless years of mental activity with you, as one I've timelessly admired in the past, but I'll control my impulses, and simply say that even if I never get further than this post, as far as being permitted back into the pack, having some correspondence with Magister Nemo is going to be something I hold onto for a while and just feel great about.

I hope your Temple of the Vampire is doing well, sir. I look forward to your further communication.

I'll say good day, and also hope that you'll carry my very sentimental and good wishes to Magus Gilmore, Magistra Nadramia, and other long-time users who I spent years in constant discussion with, UVRay, reprobate, Svengalli, and many others.

At any rate, I thank you for permitting me this limited presence back into reintroduction. If you feel it appropriate, I would be delighted to have more access to the downstairs area, but I'm not pushing for anything. I'm very happy to just be back at some level, and having offended long ago, I know my place in the formulae, and happily accept them.

I am grateful for re-introduction, and I am smiling, as Rod Serling might say, "with a smile that stretched beyond the stars." I will be delighted for any links or suggestions you may have for further contact, and I am quite at your disposal for more of the same.

I can offer what I feel to be of value, but I would also be greatly interested in the progress of the COS over the last decade, and clearly, I have a lot of reading to do, when I consider all the output most likely effected by yourself, by Clergy, and by other Satanic thinkers. I would be delighted for your guidance in my new studies of COS progress over the last 10 years.

Deepest respect and greatest affection, dear Magister Nemo. Your reply has really made my day sir! smile

Dark Passenger

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