membership status and board access

Posted by: Anonymous

membership status and board access - 02/05/04 09:19 PM

I have several friends who frequent this board, some are CoS members, some are not, while others are those who have for whatever reasons resigned. My question is why is it that when some members resign, they are merely "demoted" to the yellow status but retain the rights to access the board and make posts while others names are still pink, yet they have been banned from accessing the board?
Posted by: Hagen von Tronje

Re: membership status and board access - 02/05/04 09:39 PM

If you're enquiring about specific persons, the only answer is, "none of your business."

However, you might also note that this message board and the Church of Satan are not one and the same. A person can choose to resign usage of this message board, and even request that Reverend Ventrue remove their profile and past posts, and still hold membership in the Church of Satan.

I also suggest that this forum is not a place for idle gossip. Like most knowledge within the Church of Satan, such things are available on a "need to know" basis. Chances are, if you needed to know, you would have been informed already.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: membership status and board access - 02/05/04 10:03 PM

As it happens, I do know. I just wanted to see if I could get a straight answer from someone incharge. But I do appreciate your reply.
Posted by: Magister Frost

Re: membership status and board access - 02/05/04 10:14 PM

I'll just put it this way; it is however I want it. My board, My Rules, regardless whether the person is a CoS Member, not a CoS Member or a resigned CoS Member.... they are what I choose them to be on the board, plain and simple. CoS Member Access is a privilege not a right here.... I provide it out of the goodness of my own heart.. Not because I have to.