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More information - 09/06/17 09:31 PM

Would anyone be willing to message me and be able to go more in depth with satanism, I've always dabbled in it but only with the help of the couple books I bought. I would love to have a better knowledge, and I don't really know anyone who lives by me that I can talk to or ask questions.
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Re: More information - 12/21/17 04:26 PM

Questions related to the Church of Satan (membership, website, officials, etc) - Please note only Moderators and members of the Priesthood are allowed to reply to topics posted here. All other replies will be deleted.
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Re: More information - 12/21/17 04:56 PM

First of all, it depends what you mean by "a couple of books."

Your primary source and starting point is The Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey.

The discussion forums here are an excellent place for you to ask questions, and may provide you with a broader spectrum of ideas.

Personally, I'm not interested in entering into any personal correspondence and I'd advise you to be careful of random people online offering their tutelage.
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