New member looking for some more good literature and guidance

Posted By: mikedpitt

New member looking for some more good literature and guidance - 10/09/17 01:55 AM

I am 36 years old, about to be married and hopefully soon after have a child. I was raised in the Roman Catholic church. I was always the kid questioning things and getting sent to talk out of religion class to the priest at the church next door to elementary school. My mother's father was the dean of philosophy at a very prominent university for 30 years and was disappointed to say the least at my parent's decision to send me to a Catholic school. I shed organized religion and simply began calling myself an atheist or agnostic in my 20s. After reading several times "The Satanic Scripture" and "The Satanic Bible" I find myself very much feeling as though becoming a member of the Church of Satan would be a good fit for myself and my family. The mental abuses that the Catholic Church inflicts on children especially is something I would never do to my own child. I've discussed this thoroughly with my fiance and I just thought I would post here to see some recommendations as to some other good literature to soak up before becoming a member. Our beliefs seem to align themselves very much to everything we've read. We do not believe in any deity, and very much believe that making ourselves happy doing whatever we please so long as it hurts no other person, is definitely the best approach to a happy and productive life. We are animals with needs and instincts, and denying those to ourselves because some magical sky deity says it's wrong is ridiculous. We have a very diverse group of friends and to think that people look down upon them or us for our choice of lifestyle is egotistical and appalling. It's very nice to see a group of like minded people (we hope). Are we in the right place?

Thanks very much for taking the time to read this and have a nice week.
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Re: New member looking for some more good literature and guidance - 10/09/17 02:29 AM

Sounds like you are already comfortable with the basics since the two books you mentioned already reading are critical in my opinion.

Take your time and if this is actually "a good fit" you will come to that conclusion on your own.

If not, if something doesn't feel right or is troublesome to you, then it still sounds to me that you have your head screwed on right anyway whether you choose to become a member or not.

There is no rush and no one here will (or should) try to tell you what to do.

My best wishes to you in any case. smile
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Re: New member looking for some more good literature and guidance - 10/09/17 02:59 AM

Thank you very much for taking the time to respond. The simple fact that I agree with everything I've read so far, and that no one is trying to shove doctrine down my throat is very appealing to me. I think we have found the right church for us, and your links there give me some more material to ingest. Thank you for this. I believe we very much needed something like this in our lives.

Genuinely, thank you very much.
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Re: New member looking for some more good literature and guidance - 11/10/17 03:35 PM

Although I wouldn't consider them critical to the canon of Satanic thought I would still recommend The Devil's Notebook & Satan Speaks by Anton LaVey. They do provide an insight into Dr. LaVey's personal founding views and, at the very least, they are hugely entertaining books.

Unfortunately, I believe these days they are fetching extremely high prices due to their scarcity, but if you can track a copy down The Church of Satan by Blanche Barton is absolutely invaluable.

Just as a personal recommendation, though not connected with Satanism per se, I would also invest in copies of The 48 Laws of Power and The Art of Seduction both by Robert Greene.
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