Why Join?

Posted By: Natureboy

Why Join? - 12/01/17 12:51 PM

Why should I join this form of Satanism? How is this organization different from others? I am an applicant who views his ideals as being inline with the basis of these Satanic ideals. But I want to know what is offered. It should be obvious that the only reason I would spend time working on an application is because I can see a potential to further myself by getting in line with those who want more than what is handed to them. So tell me why bother?
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Re: Why Join? - 12/01/17 05:04 PM

The short answer is that if you still have to ask this question you first need to better understand what real Satanism is.

Those who should join then usually want to.

We never try to talk anyone into joining.

If you are elite then you will know what to do and why.

In other words, the benefits of affiliation are found within affiliation.

Meeting with the few in this world like yourself can be reason enough for most.

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Membership is considered a means of supporting the philosophy of the Church of Satan so we think that it is important for anyone considering joining to have read and fully understood at least two of our major texts: The Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey and The Satanic Scriptures by Peter H. Gilmore. Both of these are available from bookstores in a number of languages.

Once you have digested both of these books, then the method for affiliation is made clear on the Affiliation page. Read it completely and carefully.
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Re: Why Join? - 12/01/17 09:07 PM

Excellent, I missed the Satanic Scriptures somehow. I'd be pleased to read them as well. I will be sure to find the darkest place I can, light it with candles, while blasting Toccata and fugue, and laughing to myself manically in the hopes someone will stumble in on me. Consider it Satanic Exhibitionism. I appreciate those who take the time to answer questions of those of us who forget to read the text.

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