A favor from all of you

Posted by: Magister_Harris

A favor from all of you - 04/23/08 07:29 AM

Hello all,

I have a new goal. I want to get Satanism Today into the top 100 of all of the podcasts on the Podomatic website. Podomatic features thousands and thousands of podcasts from all over the world, including many that are put on by commercial radio stations.

The way to get Satanism Today into the top 100 is to get the number of visits to satanismtoday.podomatic.com up into the stratosphere. So, in your spare time, if you could kindly visit the Podomatic site, I would greatly appreciate it!
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Re: A favor from all of you - 04/23/08 09:01 AM

I attemped to view it at work and I was blocked. I will set that site as my homepage on both my home machines, that should help a little.
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Re: A favor from all of you - 04/23/08 09:09 AM

One down 9999 to go smile

I see your title has changed (or have I not been paying attention?) congratulations on that.
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Re: A favor from all of you - 04/23/08 10:08 AM


Done. I now have your interview with Reverend Malebranche to ease my commute home this evening.
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Re: A favor from all of you - 04/23/08 12:08 PM

Done. Great show with Reverend Malebranche.
Posted by: Roho_the_Rooster

Re: A favor from all of you - 04/23/08 05:35 PM

No problem!
Posted by: Muse

Re: A favor from all of you - 04/23/08 06:31 PM

Happy to help!
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Re: A favor from all of you - 04/23/08 06:47 PM

I will post a blog and some bulletins for you on MySpace. I tend to get a fairly decent response from that venue, so I will do what I can Magister. Let's get this ball rolling!

Posted by: Mr Avarice

Re: A favor from all of you - 04/23/08 06:47 PM

Sorry, no time to spare!

Just kidding! laugh
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Re: A favor from all of you - 04/23/08 07:06 PM

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Re: A favor from all of you - 04/23/08 08:22 PM

I have bookmarked it!! And to be honest this is the first time I have ever got a chance to listen. I must say I enjoyed it!
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Re: A favor from all of you - 04/24/08 09:48 AM

You have my support Magister!
Posted by: DCLXVI

Re: A favor from all of you - 04/24/08 08:49 PM

Done, Magister! I don't have an ipod, but I can listen to Satanism Today while I'm online. Right now, I'm listening to the April 1 episode.

(An aside, if you might know, I have an "Upstage" Sprint phone. Capable of loading mp3s. Can I copy the programs and load them to my Upstage?)
Posted by: Sidewinder1313

Re: A favor from all of you - 04/24/08 08:58 PM

Not a problem Magister Harris! I am going to have to get used to the new title! Congrats!~~~~~~~~Rob
Posted by: Scion

Re: A favor from all of you - 04/25/08 03:00 AM

It is done. smile

And congratulations on your promotion Magister.
Posted by: Zardex

Re: A favor from all of you - 04/25/08 11:47 AM

I've had a habit of checking up on your show daily anyway, cause I can't ever remember beforehand when the new stuff is going to come in.
Don't tell me there is a pattern to it, let me keep checking.
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Re: A favor from all of you - 04/27/08 02:55 AM

This is a little bit lengthy, but just hear me out. Keep in mind that the entirety of this comment is meant to be taken as a very honest, informative and educational, defensive statement. Thank you for your time.


I logged on today to see if there were any exciting announcements for Walpurgisnacht. Instead I found this post. I was glad to learn that, not only was Satanism Today still going strong, but also have podcasts available. Now this, I thought, is worth looking into.

I opened the page, and instantly added it to my favorites. I then decided to check out the latest podcast (4-22) and clicked "Play". As it started up I also started to read the small sentence describing this particular podcast and was very excited to see that the subject was on something very special to me with which I could REALLY relate to, with myself being a Transsexual Satanist..... Unbelievable, I thought. Because I always loved when LaVey had touched on the transsexual subjects in the Satanic literature which I hold very close to my heart and thoughts.

Then after a few minutes, it didn't seem to be exactly as I had initially thought. In fact, I was shocked. As I looked further, toward the featured guest's website, and read the article which was referenced quite a bit on this particular podcast, I was even more shocked.

Some Satanists are transgendered too. It's hard for me to believe that "Satanists" would go as far as to say that transgendered people (FTM and MTF) are all posers and ridiculous. I may not fully agree with the pregnant man and what he is doing, but I also don't agree with the full inclusion of all transsexuals being posers and ridiculous. Not to mention that going through these processes take a lot out of you and change many things, physical and mental. Also, if she elected to not go with any (genital) operations as of yet, this means that she still has a greater chance of hormonal imbalances. What if she forgot to take her pill one day or took it late or early another day? Who knows what is going through the pregnant man's head, and furthermore, who are normal hormonally balanced people to judge her actions, so long as they don't directly involve anyone who doesn't wish to be involved and no one is hurt who wishes not to be hurt? ("Hearing about it" doesn't count as being involved. When walking in open territory you should bother no one, right?) Also, on the subject of so-called "extreme feminists" becoming men. No. Actually a lot of transmen who have completed the full transition do not even want to be recognized as ever having been women, and just want to be accepted as men, without any recognition what-so-ever that anything prior had actually taken place. Many transgendered individuals you hear about are not the majority of transgendered people. Most who go through the transition do so "stealth" so that hardly anyone will ever know.

I'm not trying to fool anyone and am not putting on a show here. I rarely think about what other people think about me, (I'd go crazy if I did care, right? I'm a transsexual Satanist...), but this really touched home and I cried for a little while after it all sunk in. Not because "people" were saying these things, but because fellow Satanists were saying these things. The people I trust with my life, the only people I thought understood me completely.

I am doing this for myself because I am miserable being in the body with which I was born, and I want to become, and believe I should have always been, a female. I'm not doing this for anyone else or for any other reason.

It is a very serious condition which is very hard to cope with. Many transgendered people commonly cannot handle the stress, criticism, lack of confidence, lack of support (especially in family), and the many other factors involved in their day-to-day lives. It is by far not easy, or a game, or for anyones entertainment. Many transgendered individuals will even end their lives because it is too painful an experience to be trapped in without proper help and support.

I was just shocked, because I already defend Satanism to many non-Satanists, now I have to also defend being transgendered to other Satanists. I guess I just we could all be more understanding.

The truth is that I follow a very sound philosophy where I am my own god. I am also risking my life by changing the outside of my physical body to match the inside. (Not just the surgical risks... Over half of transgendered women [MTF] die from murder.) But sense I believe in living life to the fullest, I believe that I should be able to completely fulfill what feels natural to me... The way I see it, it is just as natural for me to want to complete my body with corrective surgery as it is for you to want to keep yours the way it already is.

I hope this is at least a little bit enlightening. If you would like to have a more in-depth conversation on the subject for positive educational and philosophical reasons, or to mesh opinions in an educational way so that we are both more on the same page, please let me know and I will be glad to take part! You are my brothers and sisters and we walk through this arid wilderness of steel and stone together!

No hard feelings with this on my side, and I trust that there are no hard feelings on your side. I just thought I had a fair argument which needed justification. Thank you for your time.

A glorious Walpurgisnacht to you!

Hail Satan!

~ Kate Lilith
Posted by: SueW

Re: A favor from all of you - 04/28/08 02:56 AM

May I offer something? I understand you're hurt . Go back and listen to to podcast carefully- Both Rev. Malebranch and Magister Harris state that the opinions are theirs not of Satanism and CoS. They also stated that we do not always agree. But we are always Ladies and gentlemen about it. We are allowed to have personal opinions. We are not inlock step.

I feel ( and this is just me not any association or social or business group) that the bottom line is the child. It is mean of the parents to publicize it as they have. They are, I feel, denying opportunity for a normal childhood to this baby. The herd may be stupid but they love scandal or what appears to be.
It will never ever go away. Being transgendered as you are- would you deliberately wish the pain that you have endured over your life on an innocent? If you could stop it? Because just maybe if MOM and DAD had remained quiet(er) this child would not be viewed as Daisy the cloned sheep. They have saddled her with being a freak before she really has a clue or a personality. They have made her a celeb. child and I doubt that they have the resources to properly ensure her safety. Why tell ? What benefit does it serve? How does it provide this child with a safe, loving and nurturing environment? If you loved the child , wouldn't you want what was best for her first?
Posted by: kate243

Re: A favor from all of you - 04/29/08 04:21 AM

You do have good points, however there are many views from which these points should be looked through. This comment will cover my perspective on your points in regards to the above mentioned edition of Satanism Today.

I realize that these were only their opinions. I was just shocked that a Satanist would have this type of negative opinion on the subject. I know they have a right to have a negative opinion on the subject, just read further.

In my opinion, the expressed feelings toward the transgendered community, as detailed in the essay referenced as well as the comments stated in the above mentioned edition of Satanism Today, were based from a limited perspective on the subject from what seems to me to be a limited exposure to transgendered individuals and transsexuals specifically. As a believer in maintaining an Undefiled Wisdom, wouldn't you agree that one should strive to understand something further, instead of dismiss it as simply being ridiculous and garbage, while not having more than a minimal exposure to the subject?

I am by far not an expert, however being in my shoes, first-hand, I would be glad to assist in furthering the understanding of this subject.

As far as the issue going on with the man having the baby, I agree with you. BUT, as far as what is in the best interest of child, I not only agree with you, that it shouldn't have been publicized as much as it was, but during this time in some places of the world, people, businesses, hospitals, and doctors are still getting away with discriminating against transsexuals.

In the edition of Satanism Today mentioned above, they had discussed how ~ "he was denied help from a hospital and cried discrimination". The way it was stated it was made to sound like it wasn't at all justified, in their opinions, as discrimination. Well, if it wasn't discrimination, then what the Hell was it then? lol

I may not agree with the fact that he got pregnant, but he did. There's no going back at that point. Now he has to see to it that, in the best interest of the child, the proper medical support is carried out. If he is being discriminated, by people known to still be getting away with discriminating against the transgendered, what else can you do but contact the people who understand (or at least respect) your situation (a GLBT-friendly organization) and tell them what happened (especially sense they are use to dealing with b's' discrimination all the time and already know what to do about it) to ensure that proper medical coverage and care is taking place.

Pregnancy requires thorough and frequent visits to the hospital. What would you have done if you were sitting in the waiting room and they told you, "sorry, 'god' doesn't want us to help you" or some b's' discriminating excuse like that. (Regardless as to if you 'would have done that' or not, and regardless of 'you would never have put yourself in that position') Things just happen sometimes. Besides, telling the group about what happened was the right thing to do, in my opinion, because they would have known what to do. The big media thing was a byproduct of the step necessary to achieve proper medical treatment for his child.

I hate to keep dragging this subject on, but if there is still debate to be sorted through and leveled out, I simply cannot let people NOT understand what is actually going on. I feel it is my duty to explain myself and other Trans' on their behalf and in our defense, because we are rare. If I don't, and you don't, then who will? "Then they came for me, but there was no one left to speak for me." I just want you to understand so that we are all on the same page about this. I don't want to be called a poser or garbage. As one proclaiming to be the highest embodiment of human life, I think I deserve a little more respect than that. (Even normal people need more respect than that, where disrespect is given undeserved.)

Thanks again, for your time. Maybe we should start thinking about a new thread on the subject. (I'm not sure how to create one, I've only posted four comments so far.) I think this should just about cover the subject in regards to the controversial as ever (even among Satanists) edition of Satanism Today.

A spectacular Walpurgisnacht Eve to all!

Hail Satan

~ Kate Lilith
Posted by: Zardex

Re: A favor from all of you - 04/29/08 05:36 AM

I can't see how you would gather there was any animosity towards transsexuals.
Do you presume that being transsexual makes you somehow a special kind of Satanist who's feelings people need to consider? Is that your idea of sexual freedom?

You know reading your post it is filled with unwarranted "playing the hurt card" phrases. Do you know about psychic vampires?
Posted by: Haman Caiaphas

Re: A favor from all of you - 05/01/08 02:18 AM

I have done so, Magister.

Rest assured I will come back for more.

Best of luck!
Posted by: Dave Ingram

Re: A favor from all of you - 05/02/08 02:14 PM

A pleasure to do so, and always a pleasure to listen to the show. It makes my day, once downloaded.

Congratulations on becoming a Magister. Outstanding, sir!
Posted by: Grumm

Re: A favor from all of you - 05/06/08 01:56 AM

You have My support aswell, Magister Harris. I enjoy Your broadcasts very much.
Posted by: WinterGoat

Re: A favor from all of you - 05/17/08 08:24 PM

Like D. Macabre I have set it as my homepage. I look forward to listening to this and all future casts. cool wink

Posted by: WinterGoat

Re: A favor from all of you - 05/22/08 10:56 AM

I am really enjoying these podcasts (most especially the Rev Col Akula interview). Thank you sir for asking this favor of us!
Posted by: Scion

Re: A favor from all of you - 05/23/08 07:01 AM

Well, I'm downloading regularly along with everyone else here (and others I'm sure) - is this having an appreciable impact on your ranking, Magister Harris?
Posted by: MasterMagick

Re: A favor from all of you - 06/04/08 09:27 PM

downloaded a few from several different ips today... hope that helps and thanks for the casts!
Posted by: TheAbysmal

Re: A favor from all of you - 06/08/08 01:47 PM


Do you have a banner ad to link to the site?
Posted by: Majik

Re: A favor from all of you - 06/16/08 09:04 PM

I dont have an Pod but would like to donate some money to help out in your venture.

Posted by: xSeppy

Re: A favor from all of you - 06/21/08 09:26 AM

I set it to my home page... Happy to help! smile
Posted by: WinterGoat

Re: A favor from all of you - 06/21/08 01:40 PM

I just tuned into the latest padcast and heard the great news that the show is now NUMBER 1!

Posted by: FTE Jay

Re: A favor from all of you - 06/30/08 01:27 PM

You have my support Magister.
Posted by: Charlie R

Re: A favor from all of you - 07/03/08 09:10 PM

How would you go about getting this podcast on your mp3 player?
Posted by: DCLXVI

Re: A favor from all of you - 07/05/08 06:41 PM

I have recently purchased an iPod. Now, I only need to get home to pick it up. Meantime, I'm downloading an episode a day to butn to disc to listen to as I drive.
Great show, Magister.
Posted by: TheRatsInTheWall

Re: A favor from all of you - 07/07/08 11:37 AM

I'm listening to the podcast for the first time right now. So far it's very good. I've agreed with you on every point (within this half hour). May I also add that your voice sounds quite good.
Posted by: Dr. Obscene

Re: A favor from all of you - 08/25/08 11:18 AM

Of course, sir. And best of luck!
Posted by: Descendant

Re: A favor from all of you - 09/05/08 07:43 AM

I'm in....Registered as a fan. I love the show!
Posted by: Warghoul

Re: A favor from all of you - 10/02/08 11:34 PM

t is done. Good Luck with it.

Posted by: Warghoul

Re: A favor from all of you - 10/03/08 06:11 PM

It is done. Great job.

Posted by: Kel9

Re: A favor from all of you - 12/13/08 03:22 AM

Just logged on and had a quick look.... I will be back for sure, looks like a lot of the material there will be very interesting!
Posted by: steven1

Re: A favor from all of you - 12/13/08 11:16 AM

Going to look for it right now, I may be a bit late but better late than never!