Happy Birthday Doktor LaVey!

Posted by: Magister Frost

Happy Birthday Doktor LaVey! - 04/11/11 07:58 AM

On the birthday of the Great Szandor, I pay tribute and celebrate! Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey was a man of many accomplishments. He lived his life to the fullest and made every moment worthwhile. If there ever was a true example of a Satanic Warlock, Dr. LaVey would be the shadow we all stand in. Many people do not understand what it is to truly be a Satanist and what Satanism truly stands for, but for those who do, we understand the influence Dr. LaVey and his Church of Satan has had on our lives. I will always cherish the time I was allowed to spend with Dr. LaVey, the years of communication, the honor I felt being invited into his Black House, sharing in his environment.

On this day I raise my glass and my Baphomet and say “Thank you Herr Doktor, for everything you have given me, the time spent has always been appreciated. You will forever be in my thoughts and heart as I travel this left hand path as I was born to travel. You were a great friend and mentor, and are always greatly missed.

And so it is done.

Hail Satan!
Hail Doktor!

Magister Ventrue
Church of Satan
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Re: Happy Birthday Doktor LaVey! - 04/11/11 09:49 AM

Happy Birthday, Herr Doktor.

His writings fanned the black flame within my heart into a raging inferno. With all that has wrought, I feel that a "thank you" isn't enough. So in his memory, I continue to live my life to the fullest!

Hail Anton Szandor LaVey!

He shall live forever in the hearts and minds of those he has inspired!
Posted by: CoffinRust

Re: Happy Birthday Doktor LaVey! - 04/11/11 05:30 PM

Happy Birthday, Magus LaVey!

I remember when I bought my first copy of The Satanic Bible. I had actually never heard of Dr. LaVey or the Church of Satan prior to doing so; I was in one of the many occult shops in New Orleans merely looking for general reference material on demons, Hell, etc. for use in my art.

I spied the The Satanic Bible's elegant cover and decided to pick it up while I was there. I began reading it in my vehicle prior to my journey back to Alabama, but found it difficult to put down. So I came on home with this feeling that I had found something I wasn't even looking for. When I got home I finished the book in record speed, realizing I had indeed stumbled upon something truly magical. And then I read it again. And again.

And thus began my journey of acquiring Dr. LaVey's other mighty works, along with Magistra Barton's, and researching his Church. And it wasn't long before I decided to throw my lot in with the Devil and join the one-and-only Church of Satan.

Dr. LaVey cleared the path and paved the way for us, and I am so proud to be among those who carry the torch into the future. Our future! My future!

Hail Magus Anton LaVey!
Hail Satan!
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Re: Happy Birthday Doktor LaVey! - 04/11/11 06:32 PM

A fine and glorious day. Happy Birthday, Magus Anton Szandor LaVey!

Hail The Great Szandor!
Hail Satan!
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Re: Happy Birthday Doktor LaVey! - 04/11/11 06:40 PM

Happy Birthday Anton LaVey!
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Re: Happy Birthday Doktor LaVey! - 04/11/11 07:37 PM

I miss his writings and works. I've been reading Rev. Slaughter's Letters from the Devil collection this month. I wish more "lost" works would surface.

Happy High Holiday, Magus!
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Re: Happy Birthday Doktor LaVey! - 04/11/11 08:38 PM

I raise my glass to the man who paved the way for Satanists the world over. Who created the first and only religion of fleshly delights. To the man who wrote the book that started it all. I shout HAIL SATAN!! Happy birthday to Magus LaVey. I really enjoyed this video by Warlock Blackthrone which makes me wish Anton LaVey were still alive.

Posted by: Sangi

Re: Happy Birthday Doktor LaVey! - 04/12/11 12:45 AM

Happy Birthday Doktor LaVey!

Hail Anton!
Posted by: Rev. Campbell

Re: Happy Birthday Doktor LaVey! - 04/12/11 05:41 AM

Hail LaVey!
Hail Satan!
Posted by: Waya

Re: Happy Birthday Doktor LaVey! - 04/12/11 08:42 AM

Happy Birthday, Magus Anton LaVey!
Posted by: Satanist Azeri

Re: Happy Birthday Doktor LaVey! - 04/12/11 09:19 AM

Hail Doktor Lavey! Hail Satan!
Posted by: Alaister Murdoch

Re: Happy Birthday Doktor LaVey! - 04/13/11 10:59 AM

Whether it is in documentaries or pictures, Doktor LaVey always exudes a feeling of "I am enjoying myslef thoroughly!" What a great man! His life and acheivements are ever crystallized in the memories of those who knew him best and appreciate his works.
Hail Doktor Lavey!
Posted by: KeithL67

Re: Happy Birthday Doktor LaVey! - 04/18/11 12:11 PM

Happy Belated Birthday Anton LaVey! I finally received his last master peice and reading it now.