Satanic Holiday Greeting Cards

Posted by: RMerciless

Satanic Holiday Greeting Cards - 11/03/12 12:57 PM

Rabid Crow Arts and Graphics is pleased to announce its new line of Satanic greeting cards for the "Holiday Season." No need to face the choice of sendng lame Christmas cards or nothing at all. Now you can get some that reflect your perspective on the universe.

Covers of the cards include most of the Rabid Crow images with an inside that reads simply, "May the Winter Solstice bring all that you deserve. " These are the perfect cards for either friends or enemies!

Additionally, there is an option to customize the card with your own name or additional message.

They are available by clicking here: Rabid Crow Arts & Graphics - Satanic Greeting Cards

ALSO NOTE: For a short time the vendor is offering 50% off all cards!
Enter code: CHEERSAVINGS at checkout in the "Zazzle Coupons/Gift Certificates" box to get them for half price.
Posted by: Dax9

Re: Satanic Holiday Greeting Cards - 11/05/12 11:30 PM

I can see myself having a lot of fun with these. To close friends who know me well I would probably send the All Seeing Eye card. On the other hand, for self-righteous family members and coworkers, I will give them the Satanic Goat design!

These are the perfect cards for either friends or enemies!

Agreed, as it has been said, "Champagne to my real friends and real pain to my sham friends."

Thanks for sharing this offer, Priest RMerciless. coopdevil
Posted by: Dax9

Re: Satanic Holiday Greeting Cards - 11/10/12 09:28 PM

There is a 50% off discount until Monday on these greeting cards and other items for Veterans Day.

I ordered a bunch earlier! smile
Posted by: NornIrnbloke

Re: Satanic Holiday Greeting Cards - 01/10/13 09:48 PM

I wish I'd seen these last month, would have been the perfect to send back in response to the Christmas cards I was sent!

I've kept the link to start building up a stock for later in the year. Thank you for creating these they look the business! :-)