The New/Final Tier Instinct Album

Posted by: Lust

The New/Final Tier Instinct Album - 02/15/13 04:48 PM

"The final album by Warlock Tier Instinct for the “Tier Instinct” project...

Death never sounded so elegant and fiendish!

An instant, sardonic classic piece of ambient ritual and spoken word from the master himself!

Take a peek into the dark heart of a Satanic Warlock’s most intimate thoughts...

Special edition packaging limited to 666 hand-numbered copies!

ORDER NOW, and be one of the few elite to receive a bonus c.d., the FIRST album by Tier Instinct, "In Through This Devour". Only 100 copies of the new album will ship with ITTD, so act FAST!!!"

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Art by, JD Bones
Posted by: G.F.V.

Re: The New/Final Tier Instinct Album - 03/03/13 10:13 AM

I received my copy. I'm very much looking forward to popping this in! coopdevil