Fang and Claw

Posted by: Magister Frost

Fang and Claw - 05/11/05 09:41 PM

I would like to announce the return of the best-selling book Fang and Claw: A Treatise on Practical Combat to the CoS Emporium!!! I have heard all your warnings and all your threats so I kicked Colonel Akula in the ass and got these books back on the market (not literally, like I'd have a chance of hitting him ... ). The book has been re-produced and is now offered professionally bound.

Also with the return of the first book, I have also put up its companion: Fang and Claw: Striking Techniques the second book in the series. Colonel Akula really out did himself with this one, it is the perfect follow up to his first book. Fans will not be disappointed!!!

Also I offer those of you who have the first book already to post your reviews of it here, so that others can see how the book has worked its way into all our bookshelves and night stands.

I for one have been enjoying reading the second installment, it has made me want to re-read the first one again. Enjoy!
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Re: Fang and Claw - 05/12/05 01:47 PM

Fang and Claw: A Treatise on Practical Combat is one of the best martial arts books IĎve read.

This book is a crash course in survival! Itís easy to read and down to earth.

I canít wait to get my hands on a copy of Fang and Claw: Striking Techniques.
Posted by: x9x

Re: Fang and Claw - 05/12/05 02:14 PM

Being involved in martial arts for quite some time now, the fang and claw book was/is a welcome addition to my future perspective in the arts of kung-fu which i'm studying now.
I usually don't buy martial arts books, coz the real deal will be achieved by training..
But this book has the right answers to some of my questions concerning martial arts and the discipline of self defense and striking techniques. The book is hard and true to the core, you will not find the typical mumble jumble hippy yoga stuff, but a right in your face no-nonse attitude written by a man with the right spirit. Can't wait to check the second book for sure.
Hail Colonel Akula, Hail Satan!
Posted by: Magister_Lang

Re: Fang and Claw - 05/16/05 05:00 PM

Congratulations to Warlock Akula on two fine publications which are presented finally in book form. This format is truly deserving of his excellent and knowledgable work. Very well done Sir.
Posted by: tovasshi

Re: Fang and Claw - 05/19/05 07:45 AM

Ah yes I am supposed to get these books next pay. Thanks for reminding me, I almost forgot.
Posted by: Warlock Bell

Re: Fang and Claw - 05/19/05 01:08 PM

Most of humans are stupid and some of them are dangerous. Fang and Claw: A Treatise on Practical Combat had changed my vision of being implicated in a fight (mentally and physically). Survival is the highest law and to survive we need tools. The best tools I have found until now are Fang and Claw and Fang and Claw : Striking Techniques .

Congratulations Colonel Akula! You are The One!

A real Fan!


Hail Satan!
Posted by: CWH

Re: Fang and Claw - 05/19/05 02:25 PM

Am I allowed to ask what style of martial arts this is, or do I have to buy the book (Which I will anyways) to find out?

I studied Bujinkan Budo Tiajutsu Ninjutsu for a bit and in Okinawa took Aikikai Aikido. That was always fun stuff.
Posted by: Svengali

Re: Fang and Claw - 05/20/05 08:30 AM

I was privileged to read the original in manuscript form. I just received my copy of the book today, aside from the excellent content, which is worth the price of the book alone, these are now in a professional perfect-bound quality paperback format.

Excellent work Col. Akula.
Posted by: NiteWraith

Re: Fang and Claw - 05/21/05 03:45 AM

I have been trying 2 locate a copy,,, but have been successful as of late.... n e sugestions as 2 where I can obtain 1?
Posted by: Helena

Re: Fang and Claw - 05/21/05 08:57 AM

Yes, as always:
Posted by: Solomon

Re: Fang and Claw - 05/23/05 05:35 AM

Originally I had purchased my first copy out of respect for the author. From what I had read here on Letters to the Devil, it was very evident Col. Akula knew what he was talking about.

Since recieving my first copy, I had ordered a copy for my wife and another for a family member. I sure as hell wasn't giving up my copy!

All joking aside, this tome is worth far more than the list price. The applications of Fang and Claw are highly adaptable and worth their weight in gold when in confrontation. The system is effective for both men and women as well.

Remember ladies and gentlemen, Survival is the highest law. To trust in instinct alone might save you once, but luck favors the prepared. Is your life worth the risk of not learning to defend yourself and loved ones? I've said it before, but it's worth repeating:

Buy the book! If not to learn and adhere to the greater protection of yourself and family, then for the no-bullshit style of Col. Akula. You will not be disappointed.
Posted by: BlasphemousOne

Re: Fang and Claw - 05/23/05 11:55 AM

After reading the reviews here, I myself will be purchasing both editions as soon as money allows!
Posted by: False_Messiah78

Re: Fang and Claw - 05/24/05 12:02 PM


After reading the reviews here, I myself will be purchasing both editions as soon as money allows!

Same here. I had always planned on purchasing these books, but they have just moved to the top of my list.
Posted by: x9x

Re: Fang and Claw - 05/30/05 11:40 AM

Have been involved in a no-way out situation last weekend, the situation started with some drunk dude trying to pick a fight, after an hour i left the place, he grabbed me by the throat in the hallway of the club, i hit his throat pretty hard in return with my flat hand and he let go of me and was grasping for air while sitting on his knees.
The guy was definitely bigger than me, but i handled the situation in a pretty easy way, even the fact i'm not use to fight in public, my years of training have served me good, and some advice from 'fang and claw' worked out in the efficient way. I had all the time to leave the place in a relaxed way. It can happen to all of us, it's a jungle out there.
Posted by: Nemo

Re: Fang and Claw - 06/03/05 01:30 AM

It is remarkable how no matter how large an assailant is, no matter how many pounds they can bench press, how many hours per week they spar, how many fights they have been in - their eyes and throat remain sensitive and hard-wired to their primal reactions of avoidance.
Posted by: ZothOmmog

Re: Fang and Claw - 06/03/05 09:10 AM

I just got around to finishing Striking Techniques, and I can honestly say it is an excellent book. I'd already read A Treatise on Practical Combat, so this new book was a "must have" for me. One interresting characteristic about this book that I have not seen mentioned yet from the various reviews posted here is Colonel Akula's sense of humor. Granted this is certainly a serious book about Self Defense, Col.Akula's humorous writing style made me chuckle throughout. It made this book a fun read while still implanting deep within my subconscious (Keep Your Hands Up!) the lessons of his experience. I can't wait to get my hands (claws) on the next volume of Fang and Claw : Grappling.
Hail Colonel Akula!
Posted by: Colonel_Akula

Re: Fang and Claw - 08/17/05 05:23 PM

I know I am a little behind in offering my thanks to you and all of the readers thus far who have shamelessly plugged and bought my books but better late than never.

So far sales have been great and I am looking forward to more. It may also interest you to know that Fang and Claw: Combat Wrestling is well underway and will hopefully be complete within a year. The DVD should be out soon after that. I had a small dry run in front of the camera a few weeks ago and it looked like a full length job will be fun. Thanks to M and especially B for letting me toss you around.

So, keep the orders coming and stay tuned for more from the Colonel.

Posted by: Colonel_Akula

Re: Fang and Claw - 08/17/05 05:26 PM

So you found the jokes eh? I was waitng for someone to mention that.

Glad to please my fans.

Posted by: Colonel_Akula

Re: Fang and Claw - 08/17/05 05:28 PM

As always, thank you Sonny!

Posted by: Mannyowar

Re: Fang and Claw - 06/30/15 09:01 AM

First of all, apologies for the thread necromancy! But I was wondering, are there any plans to re-print these books? Since 2009 I have been training in Krav Maga and I do Muay Thai as well, self defence/martial arts is very much a passion of mine now and I would love to add these books to my library.

That reminds me, I must change my avatar to a newer picture, I look rather round in my current (pre training) one smile