Emporium coming back...?

Posted by: Liberterius

Emporium coming back...? - 01/18/10 07:20 PM

First off, not trying to bug you Magister Ventrue, I understand the CoS emporium is not your whole life and livelihood and you have other things going on, of course.
And i know the emporium is currently going through changes with the site and all...
But...a lot of things are out of stock now I see, the site is all "wha", so I'm just wondering...when aboots is it gonna be fixed?
Just a rough time estimate?
Honestly the Baphomet medallion, is what I mostly want; the other ones ive found on jewlerly sites are quite unsatisfactory, in quality and of course they aren't as official as I'd like. Plus the canldes that were in the emporium before were quite great and black ones are hard to find.

OKAY, so, yeah, not trying to pester you i swear, but just looking for some update on the Emporium.

Thank you. smile
Posted by: Magister Frost

Re: Emporium coming back...? - 01/19/10 08:30 AM

I should have the new emporium up and running within the next month. I am starting four new projects which will be worked on at the same time, so sadly that slows things down a little. The first is the return of the CoS SIGs, hopefully done within a week or so. The second project is pretty large but I should be able to get it done rather quickly. The third project will take months to finalize and order all the pieces, but lets just say I am going after some of Tony Hawk's market share. The fourth is still in the planning stages. Again, during all this the Emporium will come back to life, better than ever though less products to start with in the beginning. The Medallions will be one of the first products back on the site. With one to two new products added each month. This is why I am doing the inventory clearance sale now, I want to start 100% fresh and new. Also all inventory will be carried in-house, no more shipping from a different location on certain products. This will increase shipping speed, lower the amount of administrative work I had to do on each product and make the overall ordering experience much more enjoyable, like it use to be.

I have currently started posting for a new employee to handle some of the "stock" work, which should free up a little of my time and make things happen quicker. Sadly, I really wish I could clone myself, doing everything myself makes things much slower, but I have yet to find a person with the same drive as I have! If I had just 5 clones, I would own this ball of mud!
Posted by: Liberterius

Re: Emporium coming back...? - 01/19/10 12:51 PM

Thank you much for the quick and complete reply!

Ok that's awesome, definitely looking forward to new stuff, I'm excited now. smile

"going after some of Tony Hawk's market share", intriguing lol...

That's great with faster shipping and all, yaaaaaaaaaay.
Aaaaaaah dont we all wish for 5 clones, or more... smirk
Looking forward to the new and improved Emporium, thanx again!
Posted by: Autodidact

Re: Emporium coming back...? - 01/19/10 03:52 PM

I was able to pick up the Old Nick premiere - thanks for all your hard work on the site, Magister Ventrue.
Posted by: Perseus

Re: Emporium coming back...? - 02/11/10 12:53 AM

We appreciate this, wish you the best of luck in your new projects and look forward to shopping in the renovated emporium soon smile
Posted by: DCLXVI

Re: Emporium coming back...? - 02/11/10 11:31 PM

That's great news, Magister!
I recently ordered several items from the stock you now have (The signed picture of Herr Doktor, 2 Baphomet shirts, old Nick Premiere Issue, Lustmord Rising CD, Court Composer, Revalations of Wave and Form, and Cycle of Fifths CDs by Le'rue Delashay) All as a brithday gift for myself.
I am glad to say that I have recieved all the items, and have been enjoying them.
One quetion, though: are there other back issues of old Nick available?

I, as others have already said, look forward to the new Emporium.
Posted by: Original Sly

Re: Emporium coming back...? - 04/30/10 07:18 AM

Greetings Magister!

I trust that all is well and your projects are reaching fruition as and when you deem appropriate.

Is the Emporium going to be up in the near future? I feel like spending some money wink
Posted by: KeithL67

Re: Emporium coming back...? - 05/20/10 06:23 AM

Greetings Magister!

I would also like to contribute some cash from time to time,and would prefer to spend it here,especially when it comes to ordering Satanic Books and other items.
Posted by: Roho_the_Rooster

Re: Emporium coming back...? - 05/20/10 09:10 AM

Originally Posted By: KeithL67

I would also like to contribute some cash from time to time,

http://www.nexusvoid.com/support/cart.php?gid=1 wink
Posted by: Liberterius

Re: Emporium coming back...? - 06/08/10 04:55 PM

Yes really...is there any news update available?
Not to be a pest, but really eager to get stuff from here.
Posted by: MoongleMoose

Re: Emporium coming back...? - 06/08/10 08:45 PM

I'm really looking forward to getting one of those red and black baphomet medallions on silver metal. That is, the design where the Baphomet itself is red with the background black.

Also, will the emporium be re-stocking those Baphomet Flags? I see them on ebay from time to time but they go for astronomical prices!
Posted by: M.D. Roche

Re: Emporium coming back...? - 06/09/10 04:35 PM

Magister Frost has made it clear that the banners will not be made available on the Emporium in the future because he only has a few left and will not be offering them again once they're gone.

I paid $47 for my 36" one, after S+H. Not sure what their normal retail price is.
Posted by: Unknown

The New CoS Emporium!!!! - 06/22/10 08:27 AM

For those of you wondering... The New CoS Emporium!
Posted by: Magister Frost

Re: Emporium coming back...? - 07/20/10 12:09 PM

The Baphomet Banners (not flags, no grommets) at this time will not be returning to the Emporium until I can find another supplier who meets my quality standards. I am however working on a few different types of Baphomet Wall items, hopefully done soon!
Posted by: Magister Frost

Re: Emporium coming back...? - 07/20/10 12:10 PM

Emporium retail price was $39.66 for the 36" so that was not a bad deal at all.
Posted by: konglong

Re: Emporium coming back...? - 04/15/13 05:56 AM

should have the new emporium up and running within the next month.

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Posted by: CBurgert

Re: Emporium coming back...? - 06/12/13 08:01 AM

Any word when the emporium re-opens?
Posted by: Tommy

Re: Emporium coming back...? - 09/07/13 12:23 PM

Just read thru all the emporium posts. Would love to know when its up and running again. Also, has it ever supplied robes? I would really like some good quality ritual robes.