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Posted by: Magister Frost

Read This First - 08/29/05 08:45 AM

Welcome to the Devil's Review, a review section for products and services that interest us Satanists. You, as a board member (of any level) have the ability to review products and service that you have purchased and enjoyed. The other users here can read your review and make comments on it. This area is a bit like a "think-tank" for discussions on the products and services that benefit us.

This forum is moderated, which means all posts will need to be approved before they are shown on the board. The reason for this is to make sure that people are not shame-lessly promoting thier own products and to make sure that there is no promotion of things from known "anti-CoS" stores and sites. Other than that, this forum is open to anyone who would like to review a product or service that they enjoyed and want to share with the rest of us.

Your review should contain the name of the product, where it was purchased from, and a semi-lengthy review of the product/service.

If you have any questions or doubts about what should go here, ask me first, I am always willing to lend a hand.
Posted by: DCLXVI

Service review.. - 11/09/07 02:37 AM

In the past, I have downloaded MP3s from a couple of sites based here in the good ol' USA. With one, their selection wasn't very extensive (BMG). With the other, I had some bad experiences (seemed their system would tag music that I ripped from CDs as protected, etc.) (Napster). At both sites, each MP3 was $0.99.
But, some time ago, I was given a link to Their library seems to be larger than either of the above two. They haven't tagged any of my pre-existing music. And, each song is only $0.19. With full CDs being an average of only $1.50, to me it's a damn good deal. (The only thing that some bigotted Americans might consider a drawback, the site is based in Russia, thus the ".ru")

Oh, they also have quick response times on tech support, where Napster never responded to queries.
Posted by: Phillip

(NA) Re: Read This First - 09/24/17 07:35 PM

Dear Magister Frost.
Not sure if this would be the correct section for discussing
books on the Left Hand Path.
I would like to discuss a few books.
I am interested in the following authors:
Anton Lavey, Michael W. Ford, Sesuj Tsirk,
John A Devito, Aleistair Nacht to name but a few.
Would I be allowed to discuss books? Also interested in Demonic Communication & Sigils.
Thank you for your time.
Yours sincerely,
Phillip Bastians.