The Satanic Scriptures

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The Satanic Scriptures - 11/14/08 01:14 PM

I just finished reading The Satanic Scriptures, by Peter H. Gilmore, for the first time, and I highly recommend anyone who wants to learn a little more about Satanism to get his hands on that book. I just received my copy a week ago and couldn't put it down. Amazing!

Hail Satan!
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Re: The Satanic Scriptures - 01/26/09 08:34 AM

I ordered my copy a little while ago, and I can't wait to get it, it should be here soon.
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Re: The Satanic Scriptures - 02/05/09 02:56 PM

I have finished my reading and so far all I can say it's a worthy reading about that which "we" stand for. So for those who have read all the book of Lavey and so on, The Satanic Scriptures will be a wonderfull book. This and other's by some of our best... Then again, "we are the best". Read, think, then do some thinking again, if this and all the other's doesn't do "wonders", what can I say?

It's worth a read!

P.S: Pardon my english
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Re: The Satanic Scriptures - 02/16/09 06:12 AM

Yes, it is definitely a great addition to your Satanic library. I bought it and practically had it read within 2 days, and that is a testament to its content because I have ADD and Dyslexia, so reading is a challenge and 1/2 with my eyes darting all over the pages. This book kept me focused and interested in the content throughout the entire reading of the book.

The Satanic Scriptures is an easy read, very informative, and very in-touch with today's Satanic generation and way of thinking. I highly recommend it, especially if you have "The Satanic Rituals" and "The Satanic Bible". Those 3 books are highly valued in my library.
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Re: The Satanic Scriptures - 04/06/09 05:32 PM

Essential reading of course; I ordered mine as soon as they were available. Unfortunately I missed out on getting a signed copy.
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Re: The Satanic Scriptures - 04/27/09 07:16 PM

I went to our local Barnes and Noble book sellers and was looking for a new copy of TSB. Lo and behold I found the TSS there as well.
I bought both, and I am very happy I did. A very good book. I am re-reading it again today jack
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Re: The Satanic Scriptures - 04/28/09 05:56 PM

When it first came out I went to about 3 books stores in the area and had no luck.
I just ordered mine and it was here in 4 days.
Indeed a fantastic book. Its a shame that I missed out on the one with the case and signature.
Looking forward to seeing what he puts out next.

Its not everyday you start reading a book and then finding yourself walking from one room to the next with the book still in your hand. That should answer a few questions for those that have not purchased this book yet. coopdevil
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Re: The Satanic Scriptures - 04/29/09 10:22 PM

I went to Barns and Noble and ordered mine. I received it a few days later. It was a very wise buy for me. I thought it was a very well written piece by High Priest Gilmore. I highly recommend it in any Satanist libery. I'm looking for for the next book by High Priest Gilmore.
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Re: The Satanic Scriptures - 10/26/09 04:07 PM

I read the Satanic Scriptures and found that some of the chapters definitely resonated with my earlier life. The feeling of 'being different' and 'not fitting'.
An excellent read.
Posted by: M.D. Roche

Re: The Satanic Scriptures - 01/22/10 03:57 PM

I think Satanism: The Feared Religion and What, the Devil? are some of the most important words on Satanism ever written. I find myself directing curious/ignorant people to the COS website to read the former, because it sums things up quite nicely. It would be nice if the latter was available online too for that same purpose, but oh well.

I also appreciate the quality of the book itself. The typography, graphics, and paper quality make it pleasant to look at. I also like the illustrations in the Rituals section.
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Re: The Satanic Scriptures - 01/30/10 11:00 AM

I'm about halfway done with it and I will immediately start reading again and again in case I missed something. My favorite analogy that HP Gilmore had mentioned that Doc LaVey once said about certain dissidents once within the COS ranks within its early days: "People who shit on the carpet and then throw themselves out of the window" I woke my wife the the unstoppable laughter at not only that phrase but pinpointed with perfect accuracy of so many types I've run into in the past trying to start "pseudo-satanic" organizations/covens as well as in other ventures. A great book indeed.
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Re: The Satanic Scriptures - 02/16/10 04:51 AM

In buying and reading this book, I was expecting to learn important things about the Church of Satan, and I haven't been disappointed. The pleasant added extra is the eloquence. I'm about two thirds of the way through. So far two chapters stand out for me:

Idol Pleasures - describing Magus Gilmore's love affair with movie monsters.

Hell of a Town - describing Magus Gilmore's love affair with New York City.

Both also showcased another of Magus Gilmore's love affairs, the one he has with the English language. His logophilia is constantly in evidence. I enjoy that.

These chapters were intimate in a way that's hard to achieve from the distance of the printed word, especially while maintaining a sense of dignity and strength.

The rest of the book is good too. jack

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Re: The Satanic Scriptures - 05/06/10 03:29 AM

I purchased and received High Priest Gilmore's book The Satanic Scriptures some time ago and have read it quite a few times.

It is of course a beautiful looking book and a lovely thing just to flick through and browse.

However, it certainly has an important purpose as far as I am concerned and that is to very clearly and concisely establish what Satanism is and is not and what the Church of Satan is all about.

I love this book. One just gets a very strong sense that High Priest Gilmore knows exactly what he is talking about and knows it so well, from his years of experience, that he can present it in the simplest and clearest possible language, so there can be no misunderstanding if the reader is capable of reading and at least has a touch of intelligence.

This is a book of policy and personal interest and conviction, in my opinion. High Priest Gilmore seems to me to be deeply and personally committed to ensuring the continuity and integrity of Dr. LaVey's work and the continuation of the COS as a great organisation. His book should be read in that light I think.

I highly recommend this book and I just hope High Priest Gilmore will publish again shortly.
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Re: The Satanic Scriptures - 10/16/10 07:32 PM

Absolutely a great book ,I have read it 3 times i bought this on preorder when it first came out and have read it 3 times. This book is a great addition to my Satanic collection. I first read TSB when i was 15 and I have been a satanist every since and with many years of study it was great to get this new book to go over again and again. I look forward to Magus Gilmore's next book.
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Re: The Satanic Scriptures - 10/20/10 09:10 AM

Indeed, this was truly a great read. I ordered my hardcover copy from FeMaledictions back in September of 2007. My shipment even came with a free sample of Muspelheim incense.

Great stuff!
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Re: The Satanic Scriptures - 04/13/11 04:42 PM

As a musician I loved the chapter dealing with composers.

I did also like the chapter dealing with monsters. Idol pleasures.

Great book. In the hardcover version I do like the black page marker. Not sure if that is in the softcover.

I always enjoyed his essays off th COS website. This expands upon those in a magnificent manner.
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Re: The Satanic Scriptures - 06/23/11 11:56 AM

I bought a copy a few months ago but never got around to reading it. Yesterday I picked it up and I've only got s few pages left, I ate this book up! It really is an excellent book!
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Re: The Satanic Scriptures - 04/21/12 01:25 PM

I got my copy from the Amazon marketplace, for my kindle. I love it, it has really made me think about myself, and Satanism. Sometimes when I read it I feel like maybe I am not good enough to be a Satanist, but that I can be Satanic. However, not elite enough to be a full on Satanist. It is this reason that I have held off on joining the Church of Satan, until I finish it and really dedicate sometime to thinking what I can bring to the table.

I respect the CoS and rather than read the Satanic Bible and run off a week later and join up without thinking about it. I have read almost all available material. This is a must have book. Any aspiring individual should definitely read this before making the decision to join, or at least apply for active membership.
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Re: The Satanic Scriptures - 12/19/13 06:36 AM

I am consultant for Russian Edition The Satanic Scriptures