Orange Baphomet Medallion

Posted By: Dionysus

Orange Baphomet Medallion - 07/27/15 10:36 AM

I got this glorious, orange Baphomet medallion from, the only online shop authorized by the CoS itself. I love orange! I saw it and just had to have it! It's perfect for autumn and Halloween and for giving off a friendly yet Satanic vibe. It's the perfect size too: 4 cm across, not too big and not too small. And how incredible are those eyes? They're what really made it a must-have for me more than anything. And check out the cool finish at the back, along with the little black thingy it came in. I took different pictures of it under different amounts of lights. Oh, and what's really amazing is how fast the shipping was. It took only eleven days from the day I bought it, with regular international shipping, and I live in Japan! Thank you so much to the CoS for endorsing these people; I really appreciate it!

Hail Satan!

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Posted By: de_Lioncourt

Re: Orange Baphomet Medallion - 07/27/15 05:19 PM

Thank you for those pictures.

I was also attracted to that one. At first I thought it was black on orange, however, judging by your pictures it looks like it is silver on orange. No less, it appears the way that light hits it that it can appear black, which is cool. I will likely be getting one of these before fall.
Posted By: Waya

Re: Orange Baphomet Medallion - 07/27/15 06:25 PM

Yes, this is a must have. A perfect medallion for the fall season.

Considering how far you live and getting it before two weeks is impressive. I've ordered from other places and have waited up to two months. They have quite a few items that I want.

Gotta have this one too! grin

Placing an order real soon.

Thanks for sharing.
Posted By: Dax9

Re: Orange Baphomet Medallion - 07/30/15 08:04 AM

You better believe it! coopdevil

All merchandise from iSatanist and John H. Shaw is top of the line.

Posted By: O Adversario

Re: Orange Baphomet Medallion - 08/01/15 10:16 PM

Thank you for you review! It really gave the push I needed to buy my own - as I already did. I ordered the red one though. I hope it arrives as fast as yours. I'll make sure to share with you when I get my hands on it.

Posted By: doktorzee

Re: Orange Baphomet Medallion - 01/22/16 10:57 PM

I just ordered a Baphomet pendant from iSatanist. Where's the best place to get the cord or chain to go with it?
Posted By: MagistraNadramia

Re: Orange Baphomet Medallion - 01/25/16 10:38 PM

I think this Dione chain is very nice. The snake-like chain is smooth and moves nicely with either a jump ring or a bail, and the cool part of the Dione is that you can unscrew the end loop and get the chain through tight spaces. Very inexpensive and comes in different lengths. You might be able to find it on Amazon or eBay -- just search "Dione chain."
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