Magister Johnson's Satanic Warlock

Posted By: doktorzee

Magister Johnson's Satanic Warlock - 01/05/17 03:19 AM

Magister Dr. Robert Johnson and those who supported and assisted him (Magistra Ruth, many others) have delivered a great book! I feel that I identify with the Devilish Gentleman, but with aspects of the Black Musician, since I used to and like the idea of long hair, and the Occultist since I am a huge H. R. Giger & LaVey fan. The book contains great material for Warlocks in all stages and is a must read!

Just for fun & kicks, and to see who still haunts this place, I added a poll. It's just for fun.
Posted By: Mannyowar

Re: Magister Johnson's Satanic Warlock - 01/06/17 01:37 PM

I went for a mix of the Black Musician and Everyman, with the caveat that I haven't read the book yet but I'm guessing those will be the most applicable categories. Time to order my copy!
Posted By: Hatred_Incarnate

Re: Magister Johnson's Satanic Warlock - 01/07/17 05:35 AM

Visually (and musically) I'm 100% the Black Metal Warlock. In terms of skills, I'm 100% the Everyman. Being a maintenance lead for apartments will do that to a person. Personality wise, which is where the real magic happens, it's mainly between the two aforementioned, plus an element or two of all the others aside from the romantic rake.

Aside from where I fall on that spectrum, the book is phenomenal. I purchased one of the limited 666 special editions and the physical quality was more then anything I could have ever hoped for. Hard cover, leather bound, gold page edges and a gilded Sigil of Baphomet on the cover. But that pales in comparison to the content within. I was somewhat expecting, and would have had no objections to it being, a heavy reworking of The Satanic Witch worded for males. But I was wrong. The Satanic Warlock stands immensely strong all on it's own. Just thinking about the amount of time, research, interviewing and effort that went into writing this book simultaneously inspires and exhausts me. An absolutely essential book for any Satanist. It will help men figure out what women look for in a potential mate, things to do and not do, and practical advice that can be applied unilaterally to be a better Satanist. And it will show women that, no matter how easy you think it is to manipulate a man, it's even easier then that, and that females really are the dominant sex.
Posted By: doktorzee

Re: Magister Johnson's Satanic Warlock - 01/07/17 05:53 PM

Absolutely, there's wisdom in there for everyone.
Posted By: Waya

Re: Magister Johnson's Satanic Warlock - 01/07/17 08:40 PM

Yes. I've waited too long to order. I plan on placing my order either today or tomorrow. I don't think we're able to get signed copies anymore.
Posted By: Dax9

Re: Magister Johnson's Satanic Warlock - 02/08/17 07:45 AM

More fun in store!
Posted By: Robert K Stock

Re: Magister Johnson's Satanic Warlock - 02/09/17 03:34 PM

I have tried to model myself after Frank Sinatra and Humphrey Bogart long before I discovered the Satanic Bible. Good to know I was on the right track as a Devilish Gentleman.

I cannot praise Magister Doctor Johnsons' work the Satanic Warlock highly enough. What comes to mind are the last lines of a 40 year-old television ad I remember for L. Ron Hubbards' book Dianetics that sums up my feeling for the Satanic Warlock, "BUY IT! READ IT! USE IT!"
Posted By: Symbiote

Re: Magister Johnson's Satanic Warlock - 02/24/17 11:27 AM

Mostly intellectual with a bit of Everyman.

My dream would be the gentleman but I feel it's no authentic to fit me. Maybe once in a while.
Posted By: Symbiote

Re: Magister Johnson's Satanic Warlock - 02/24/17 11:28 AM

I was told secondhand he has at events but don't quote me on that.

I ordered a signed one way back last April bug worth the wait.
Posted By: VinterWulf

(NA) Re: Magister Johnson's Satanic Warlock - 08/28/17 02:48 AM

I have yet to read The Satanic Warlock,

If I was to base my decision by how others have posted; I would assume I was the everyman.

I dress as my local population dresses, I am informed on the topics that concern those around me and for the most part, my "friends" and neighbors like me and they usually invite me to their private functions (although I generally hate socializing with most people I know).

Unfortunately, I was out of country for a while and did not get an opportunity to order The Satanic Warlock, I would really like the opportunity to read it.

Dose anybody have an idea when The Satanic Warlock will be re-released?
Posted By: Ausar

(NA) Re: Magister Johnson's Satanic Warlock - 03/26/18 06:15 AM

Remember that Warlocks are chameleons.

The Archetype seems to have been designed as a base point, but it does not have to end there.

It may affect your reputation, but in any given context I personally use aspects from all of them as suited.
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