California Infernal

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California Infernal - 01/25/17 12:54 PM

Cailfornia Infernal is a collection of amazing photos by Walter Fischer with an introduction by Kenneth Anger. This is, in effect, a priceless photo album filled with memories of Anton LaVey with Jayne Mansfield, early days with members at the Black House, Marilyn Monroe's grave, the Satanic baptism of Zeena, and other weddings and rituals at the old CoS headquarters.

For those of you who have not heard of this handsome, hardcover book, you should consider picking up a copy for yourself.
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Re: California Infernal - 01/28/17 08:27 PM

The book is quite nice, and the special edition came with a photograph of Dr. LaVey.
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Re: California Infernal - 02/24/17 03:25 AM

Love it and find it ridiculous it's being sold on eBay for a thousand dollars.

That is the source I see too: JD Holmes. The service was beyond compare.
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Re: California Infernal - 02/27/17 04:54 AM

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