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I was recently having a discussion on religion with a classmate of mine and he brought up the subject of Satanism. He knew nothing of it, so after discussing it's main teachings I gave him my copy of The Satanic Bible. A few days later he came asking me "If Satanism sees man as another animal, and openly acknowledges the brutal and selfish nature of man, then isn't that condemning one's self to be nothing more than what evolution says he has to be?" Being that I'm not an actual Satanist (but still prefer the company of free-thinking individuals) I didn't know what the answer to that question would be. How would you answer it?
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I like what zoologist Desmond Morris, who studied man from a zoological perspective, had to say; man is more dignified as an animal, as he is not a fallen angel, but a risen ape.

Condemned, to what? We are the most powerful organism on the planet. We still yet do not know our own bounds, and we have spent millenia testing them. There is no indignity is being the pinnacle of evolution.
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Just don't be a sick animal by insisting that you are not an animal. That is the problem with the human race.
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