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#101020 - 05/18/05 10:45 PM "offensive" language
Hydroksyde Offline

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I was just contemplating why so many people are offended by so many "swear" or "curse" words. Personally, I have a problem with them when they are used as a direct attack on me, just as i would if i was insulted otherwise, but some people, whom i consider to be morons, seem to be offended just by the use of words, eg fuck. how the hell can anybody be offended by a word?
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#101021 - 05/18/05 10:50 PM Re: "offensive" language [Re: Hydroksyde]
IronCrafter Offline

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It depends on the context.

If someone uses them continually, it gets distracting and annoying. I use them sparingly, and for dramatic effect.

Things overused lose thier meaning, and become mere cliches. As far as people being offended.....

Isn't that a thing you CHOOSE to do?

One's emotional self-control is extremely lacking if it's THAT easy to push your buttons.
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#101022 - 05/18/05 11:26 PM Re: "offensive" language [Re: IronCrafter]
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I agree, I use to curse alot, more out of habit from teenage over use. I use them now normally when excited or upset. Sometimes to make things a little more humorous.

I don't get offended by curse words, but I do get annoyed if someone uses those words, every other word in every sentence.

#101023 - 05/19/05 05:59 AM Re: "offensive" language [Re: Hydroksyde]
Mallamun Offline

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"Curse words" are linguistic illusions created by society. Just like the wide variety of gods, their power exists within the individual's mentality. People who are more self-enlightened are generally able to look past these words and get to the root of the message, though there does tend to be that "annoyance" when the word is over used or misused. People who are most confused or slaves to their society/religion tend to be literally afraid of these words: so much so that they'll create elaborate, money-sucking organizations to protect their offspring from ever hearing such a word even once (as if), rather than educating their young ones not to take the words to heart. Vulgarity is an important part of any language: in the proper contex, it serves its purpose, just like the word "pudding" or "bicycle". (shrug) And it's good for talking dirty.
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#101024 - 05/19/05 06:44 AM Re: "offensive" language [Re: Hydroksyde]
MagdaGraham Offline
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As Ironcrafter says, sparing usage creates far greater effect.
And, my peculiarly personal viewpoint, in my alter-ego as Deborah Ryder porn-novelist, I have to use every “naughty” word I can think of, and then some. Taking a break from that is a welcome relief. In LttD, this is Magda Graham, not Deborah Ryder.
Many years ago, I remember Grandmother saying: “use of foul language indicates a weak vocabulary”. Well, everyone has to be right occasionally. Even my Grandmother.
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She doesn’t take any notice of either, but “vvv” relieves my feelings so much more.
And it’s quite an artistic pattern of claw-marks.

#101025 - 05/19/05 06:54 AM Re: "offensive" language [Re: CWH]
Lich Offline

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I agree, I use to curse alot, more out of habit from teenage over use. I use them now normally when excited or upset. Sometimes to make things a little more humorous.

I don't get offended by curse words, but I do get annoyed if someone uses those words, every other word in every sentence.

ooh rah, Marine. Swearing comes like an old hat in the military a lot of times, esp. in combat MOS's. I've been out for almost 4 years and still am too liberal with my "fucks".

#101026 - 05/19/05 07:19 AM Re: "offensive" language [Re: Hydroksyde]
tovasshi Offline

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Its just like how it is ok for clack people to call each other by the "N" word but as soon as a white person uses it everyone hisses. Its not just curse words people are afraid of. Peoples are being worried about not being politically correct so the reword things to that it would be "less offensive"

I know in the city of Guelph if you say "retarded" or "gay" people will look at you funny, such offensive words are shunned in the politically correct city, we must use words such as "Intillectually impaired" or "Homosexual"

Changing the word doesn't change the problem. Give it a few years and some rap singer will make up a new curse word like "Shunk" or something. Out comes the angry mommies trying to protect their little darlings from such foul language. "Oh hes such a bad influence for inventing such harsh language"

Just like how people sugar coat their problems by making the words sound better. They are afriad their problems will get worse if the words sound more harsh.

#101027 - 05/19/05 07:59 AM Re: "offensive" language [Re: Lich]
toad Offline

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I work in an evironment where cursing is as wide spread as breathing.
I don't even realize how much I curse until somebody points it out to me. And that somebody usually is not a person I normally hang around with. My friends and coworkers curse just as much, if not more, than I do. So it is never noticed.

Now I can, when needed, control my language. I just find that I don't need it very much.

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#101028 - 05/19/05 08:37 AM Re: "offensive" language [Re: Hydroksyde]
Grima Offline

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It really depends on how they are used, I hate people who constantly swear, I really think that a constant stream of curse words is dumb and comes from a lack of ability to communicate. It's very easy to start swearing but it takes more thought to use your language wisely and make up something good instead.
Sure I curse when something goes wrong, but if I am angry at someone I just try to out-talk them, that usually pisses them of far faster then swearing and it makes them look stupid.
A word like 'fuck' doesn't annoy me at all but when they call me a cancerous -insert random word- it pisses me of royally. It's the direct attack that annoys me and the constant use of those words, an occasional 'fuck' doesn't really surprise me.

#101029 - 05/19/05 09:03 AM Re: "offensive" language [Re: Hydroksyde]
oggi Offline

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how the hell can anybody be offended by a word?
"Becouse their fathers father, and father of their fathers father have all done so, same path their sons come." Most common answer when asked why it offens someone, it is not proper language(no true reason be offended becouse of it). I agree whit them, its not proper language, instead, I personally choose to use instead fucking fucker, words bastard, rat, dog(in finnish of course) etc.. And when I for example fall in stair, I use words like satan(and few other names), hell, shaishe(don't know how be writen, but its shit in german), and well, fuck, its easy to say(all odf these of course in finnish). and, already said but when someone use many times same word, it lose its meaning
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#101030 - 05/19/05 09:07 AM Re: "offensive" language [Re: Hydroksyde]
Assabrah Offline
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"how the hell can anybody be offended by a word?"

You are right. Well personally the thing that makes me burn inside, is not the word itself, but the vibe of this word..But well, if a lamb "feed" you with that, it's so easy to use this energy to burn his wool....heh.

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#101031 - 05/19/05 09:21 AM Re: "offensive" language [Re: Hydroksyde]
fiftythirdspirit Offline

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...why so many people are offended by so many "swear" or "curse" words. the hell can anybody be offended by a word?

I think the answer is that primarily curse words are a show of disrespect and that disturbs/annoys most people.

#101032 - 05/19/05 09:50 AM Re: "offensive" language [Re: Hydroksyde]
ShadowWalker Offline
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First, it's all perspective. What people are you letting decide for you what's a "swear" word?
Overuse of those words neither intimidate me nor impress me, in fact they get boring after constant repetition.

If you filter out all the "fuck"s, "motherfucker"s, and "goddamn"s in some people's vocabularies or lyrics, you find they really aren't saying much at all. These people could stand to crack open a dictionary or thesaurus for a little originality and creativity.

Second, as Ironcrafter said, they can be useful if used sparingly and with force and purpose behind the meaning.
In other words, if you are going to use them, put the curse back into "curse" words. Make them count.
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#101033 - 05/19/05 11:15 AM Re: "offensive" language [Re: Hydroksyde]
Maya Offline
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how the hell can anybody be offended by a word?

That's an easy question to answer. They are offended because they want to be offended. Members of the herd often crave outrage and/or humiliation. Why? I'll tell you why, it is because they are so out of touch with their own emotions that they will pursue most any oppurtunity to get an emotional rise out of themselves. They are simply incapable of experiencing their emotions without inhibition at will.

I must admit that I find constant swearing, i.e. when all adjectives are replaced by a curse word, to be very annoying. It shows a lack of knowledge of the English language, or whatever other language a person might be using, to say nothing of a lack of creativity. While I do use curse words for dramatic effect or when I become angry, I find that listening to a person whose every other word is a curse word to be tedious.

#101034 - 05/19/05 02:11 PM Re: "offensive" language [Re: Lich]
CWH Offline
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OHH RAH!!! Ha! You got me, I curse like a.....Marine. I can't hide it. (Laughs)

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