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#101067 - 05/21/05 05:55 PM A proverb. [Re: YoungSoulRebel]
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"Profanity is the crutch of inarticulate motherfuckers."

#101068 - 05/22/05 04:02 PM Re: I will tell you how. [Re: ]
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Some of "us" have kids.
There is nothing more dispicable, than a foul mouthed child. There have been many times where I have reprimanded other peoples kids, teenagers, and even...."adults" for using such language at the two parks that I commonly take my son to.

Don't get me wrong, I "curse" to, but in front of an appropriate audience!

I have no problem at all swearing in front of children. I wholeheartedly dissagree with the whole "protect the children" bullshit. Why delay the inevitable? The kids are going to eventually learn the words anyway!

I will save the rest of my thoughts on "protecting children from reality" for now, as this is not the appropriate thread for it.
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#101069 - 05/22/05 04:40 PM Re: I will tell you how. [Re: False_Messiah78]
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I try not to cuss like a sailor around a child, not because I don't want to damage their pure little minds or anything like that, but because I don't want them to pick up any bad habits. Small children pick up habits very easily, particularly if those habits offend or bother adults, and they don't easily catch on to things like context and class/image.

In my experience, most of the people who have been nonchalant about really swearing in front of their kids (not just "hell" "crap" and "damn," mind you) have been boorish and slimy as individuals. Usually, they're rednecks, or the equivalent. They're thoughtless individuals, and their willingness to blah blah fuck blah in front of practically anyone, anytime reflects their obliviousness. I try to identify what is that makes their conduct so disgusting, and then I don't imitate it.

The more hardcore obscenities carry whole stories, worldviews, and meanings behind them. "Fuck," whore," "cunt," etc. A smaller kid can't appreciate and can't understand the whole enchilada of connotations and meanings that lies behind these sorts of terms, and some of the concepts are a bit above them until they reach a certain age or level of maturity. Even if you don't mind a kid swearing, he'll probably swear around someone else who will, and he may misuse a term in a way that gets him into trouble with another person.

I remember I became fond of the word "pervert" as a 5th grader, and I knew it meant a sick jerk, but I didn't *really* get the more sophisticated meaning, so I kept referring to other people I didn't like as "perverts." I sounded dumb or weird, I could've gotten some generic jerks into a different kind of trouble than they deserved, and my strange use of language may have reflected badly upon my parents. Not an obscenity, mind you, but I think it reflects something I'm trying to get at here.

That being said, you needn't tiptoe around children, either. There's no need for hyper-vigilance or paranoia, nor is there a need for melodrama or freaking out. If they hear you swear once, then they hear you swear. If they repeat a swear they've heard, then that's what's happened.
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#101070 - 05/22/05 05:12 PM Re: "offensive" language [Re: Hydroksyde]
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I'm rather fond of "minge custard".

#101071 - 05/22/05 08:03 PM Re: I will tell you how. [Re: False_Messiah78]
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In my opinion anyone that uses colorful langauge is truly unable to communicate. I will not take anyone who uses foul langauge seriously.

Heck, I was in the military and every other word that marines say is "f*k". I did I cuss, sometimes when I slipped up, but I made sure my vocabulary was filtered from those types of words. It is unprofessional, disrepectful, and idiotic. Sure they are just words and nothing more, but in the long run it is benefical to me to avoid those words.

Unless it is done in good humor, I can enjoy that.

My opinion of course.
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#101072 - 05/22/05 08:20 PM Re: "offensive" language [Re: Hydroksyde]
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I believe that the words themselves aren't offensive, but merely the context in which they are commonly used. If one was to address me as a "cracker" or even a fucker in a friendly tone I would take no offense, unless others were around whom I would demand respect from. Many people seem to use this language without realizing that they are unnecessarily offending someone around them. To make enemies in such a blind and foolish fashion is unwise, and it is the sort of people who use this language in the above context that have given a bad name to the language in general. No one wants to be associated with idiotic behavior.
Respect is earned, not given.

#101074 - 05/23/05 07:23 AM Re: "offensive" language [Re: gypsy]
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I personally dont believe in cursing. I think it's fucking rediculous.. Oh shit,,, I just cursed... FUCK!!! did it again... oh what the hell.
Living life to the fullest.

#101075 - 05/23/05 07:26 AM Re: "offensive" language [Re: NiteWraith]
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Yeah what the HELL FUCKING curse all you damn want to! LOL


#101076 - 05/26/05 05:51 PM Freshmen! >.> [Re: Hydroksyde]
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Well, I never really get offended by any swear words so much as I get just... downright annoyed with them. Understand, I'm in High School. I'm a Senior right now, will graduate in a few days...
When I walk around the school, I hear a lot of underclassmen retell stories of, I dunno, some... kinda party or something, and they seem to think swear words are the most vivid words to use when retelling a story. It eats at my nerves when I hear a cuss used stupidly, incorrectly, loudly, half-whisperingly, or just... way too much.

"I went to Jake's party the other day. It was fucking tight. Yeah, and that bitch, Krissy, she fucking brough fucking beer, man, and I was fucking like, "what the fuck, that is so fucking awesome!" and everyone was just... fucking standing around fucking drinking and Tim was like, fucking hammered, dude. So, then the fucking cops came and we were like "shit!" and all fucking ran like hell! It was such a fucking cool party!"

Sorry to stereotype, but I gotta. Most of the people I hear do that, are indeed freshman, and the ones with cracking voices and all that fun stuff too. I've heard older kids do it too, of course, just, significantly fewer of them.

Seriously, though. If it doesn't come naturally, don't say it. You sound stupid if you do.

#101077 - 05/27/05 09:05 AM Introduction! [Re: Kaahi]
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Please post your required introduction.
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#101078 - 05/28/05 03:03 AM Really Offensive Language. [Re: Hydroksyde]
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I realise that you brought up 'swear' words as the focus of
what it is that has the potential for being offensive. What is
very offensive to me is the use of "you know what I mean",
"you know what I'm saying", "I mean..." and "like".

I have heard people say "you know what I mean?" after every
other sentence they use. Do they think that I am too stupid
to know what they are saying? Are they so diction-impaired
that they have to constantly test to see if others can
comprehend them? You know what I'm saying?

It grates my nerves when I hear these things. And, why start
off a sentence by saying "I mean..."? Are you afraid that
someone might think you are saying something that
someone else means? Were you telling me something you
didn't mean before?

"Like, I mean.... you know...." No, I don't fucking know. The
abillity to use spoken language has evolved over how many
thousands of years only to decay into the modern equivalent
of grunts and groans? As far as I am concerned, swear as
much as you want! Just don't string together barely coherent
sentences and end them with "you know what I mean" over
and over again and expect me to take you seriously.

Hail Satan!

#101079 - 05/28/05 05:31 AM Re: Really Offensive Language. [Re: RandomStranger]
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You really struck a chord with me!
Thank you for posting this.

#101080 - 05/28/05 05:55 AM Re: Really Offensive Language. [Re: RandomStranger]
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My additions would be these forms of address, invariably from those half who are of half my age, one third my life experience, and one fourth my intelligence.

"Homes" or "Homie"

(That last should not be confused with the homophonous "Holmes", a witty and sarcastic reference to Sherlock - acceptable if I've said something rather obvious and deserve it.)

"Sir" works fine for me... it was slightly unnerving when I was younger, but I've come to enjoy it.

My literal biological siblings are allowed to call me "bro" - but just barely.

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#101081 - 05/28/05 06:08 AM Re: Really Offensive Language. [Re: RandomStranger]
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Don't talk to my mom ever. She is the absolute worst for that. Everytime I listen to her on the phone I just want to smack her. My boyfriend and I were in the living room trying to count how many times she said "you know" while she was having a phone conversation. After one minute she said "you know" 24 times. Sometimes she says "Ya know type o thing."

I find it even more offensive when people talk too loud. When there is no need for it. The type of loud where you can hold the phone a meter away,the volume is set to low, you can still hear them perfectly clearly and you already told them to quiet down. The other night (midnight) I was trying to sleep and I had to get up the next day at five for work, and all I can hear is my sister yapping down the hall. My mom and I both told her to quiet down three times each and she still talked too loud.

What annoys me the most is when people start off telling a story of their day and they think you actually don't know what a whats-it is or hows-it-done, so they start explaining it in extreme lamens terms as though I am an idiot, side trailing from the actual story, even though I tell them "I know how to do an oil change you don't have to explain it to me." or "I know what a ______ looks like."

And then there are the people who start talking to you about their character in such n' such a video game that you never heard about on a system you don't own. These people seem to think that everyone has played this video game and everyone cares about their character's stats. So they start talking to me without telling me which game it is, and going on as though I know as much about the game as they do. "I got up to 64 expierence multiplier, and I opened a demon gate where you had to be fat to get in and I have red stuff trailing behind me because my alignment is at 100% evil..."

#101082 - 05/28/05 08:35 AM Re: Really Offensive Language. [Re: tovasshi]
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I haven’t a clue about video games (I only have time to play Freecell), but, if someone talks about 100% evil, you should be able to have some fun there.

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