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#101288 - 05/19/05 06:03 PM The Satanic Bible
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I recently bought a new copy of the Satanic Bible (because my previous copy was getting ragged) and when I got home and opened it a card fell out. I picked it up and looked at it, and it said "Temple of Set...the premiere satanic religious institution" and had a web address. I went back to that book store and looked through the other copies of the satanic bible and found these cards in all of them. it wasn't limited to that book store either. it seemed that every major book store in the Ann Arbor area had these cards placed in the satanic bible. I was wandering if the Church of Satan was aware that this was going on? I hope one day I catch the ass hole responsible in the act, so I can take him around back and give him a little more than he bargained for.
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#101289 - 05/19/05 06:26 PM Re: The Satanic Bible [Re: Mordicon]
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Such are the tactics of the desperate. I suggest contacting store owners that their products are being utilized for advertising purposes by unauthorized persons.
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Many people use the Satanic Bible to advertise thier organization or group, its not a big deal. What it tells you is that you have a very active Setian (or group of them) in your area. If you visit the mentioned website and read through their material you will notice that the organization is a "cult" in the true definition of the word. I would try and stay clear of them though, they tend to try and convert people, it is rather annoying.

The cards are no real harm, if anything stick in a few Church of Satan adverts into the book along side the ToS ones. People are going to make up their own minds and hopefully do the research to find out that the ToS is a sham organization not worth their time, if they do not notice that, well they were not Satanists to begin with.

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