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#104026 - 06/02/05 12:09 PM Odinism.
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Hi. Whilst perusing the CoS homepage i noticed that magazines featuring Norse mythology are frequently mentioned. I then picked up a copy of Dr LaVey's 'Satan Speaks!' book wherein he says that "Odinism is an heroic and admirable form of Satanism..."

With what seems the majority of Odinists (who actually don't like the affiliation of Asatru) being strongly anti-christian, i wondered what the CoS's official stance is on what i see as a form of semi-paganism.

Thank you for your time.

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The Church of Satan does not have an "official stance" on every little subject. Any philosophy can be compared and contrasted with Satanism. Some have more of an affinity with Satanism than others, but Satanism is a unique body of thought and the Church of Satan embodies that uniqueness.

There are various forms of Odinism.

It depends on how they interpret “Odin”: as an actual deity or as a metaphor similar to how Satanists conceive “Satan.”

Many (not all) of them have a professed ethos similar to Satanism.

Many of them consider MIGHT IS RIGHT to be a seminal text, which would allow common ground with many Satanists.

Much of the Northern mythology and sagas have Satanic overtones, implications, and aesthetic.

The similarities between Satanism and popular Odinism are highly conditional.
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Thank you. A large number of Odinists do not believe in any form of deity, indeed seeing Odin, Thor etc in the same manner that we see Satan, using the myths as a basis for non-theistic philosophy. thank you for clearing that up.

Satanism does indeed make for strange bedfellows...

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Once again, only Moderators and Hierarchy may answer questions in the Q&A forum.

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