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#104907 - 07/05/05 02:55 PM Re: (Rant) Why do they do it? [Re: Cholinergic]
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Presumably because he was programmed to do so, but not programmed to assess and avoid wasted efforts.

But hey, on the bright side, stupid behavior of this variety will inevitably have a negative effect on the overall fitness of the Christian meme, via wasted resource (time and effort).
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#104908 - 07/05/05 04:58 PM Re: (Rant) Why do they do it? [Re: ThrashinHellslut]
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Pity is, that not only among christians are ignorant people. I used to chat in some esoteric rooms, but their strongest argument was "Look on yourself!" and "You're just a rebellious child/teenager!" (I was it, but I think it isn't an argument, if this kid has to say something, and I'm still convinced that I had/have a message.)
I also think that it isn't right to affix it on my style. Sometimes I really was pesky, rebellious, satirical and I often spoke in metaphors (wittingly), but hey, they were the adults, they should be able to understand, what a "child" "babbles".
They should and would be, if they wish.
Not only me, but there are several others, who act like I did and they experience the same, I think.
Preaching tolerance and patience is trendy, but DOING it isn't, or what?

#104909 - 07/05/05 07:39 PM Re: (Rant) Why do they do it? [Re: Cholinergic]
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Just remember this when you get all tied up in knots wondering why the herdlings act the way they do. It will help, perhaps along with a stiff drink....
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#104910 - 07/05/05 08:37 PM Re: (Rant) Why do they do it? [Re: ThrashinHellslut]
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Yes but even people with an atheist mindset may have no respect about what you believe or not. Funny thing is that all the factions don┤t respect the thoughts of others because they are sure they are right, without questioning themselves first. Everyone makes their mind thoughtlessly, and they try to find anything that "proves" them to be right, instead of trying to look at reality, and then build their conclusions based on it. It just makes me want to
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#104911 - 07/06/05 03:48 PM Re: (Rant) Why do they do it? [Re: Cholinergic]
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Loc: Where I'm at.

I run a philosophy board as part of the forum on another site, and as is to be expected, we sometimes get christians coming to preach. This is often entertaining, but can get nasty.

One individual came to the site and started posting about homosexuality, comparing homosexuals to serial killers and similar. As we have several homosexuals on the forum i gave a warning and then banned them after they continued. They have since returned with a different name but from the same IP and claim to be someone else. They keep on posting supporting themself. My question is - why are some christians so obessed with "spreading the gospel" that they have to resort to childish games?

As religious debate is a hobby of mine i often take part in debates with christians, so long as they remain polite and mature. But how does acting so immaturely help their "cause" at all?

Sorry for the rant, just wondering if anyone can think of some pyschological reasons behind this behaviour.

Because some people are mental palegics, and can not and will not accept dieffernce. The ol' "My way or the highway" mentality.
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#104912 - 08/03/05 11:35 AM Re: (Rant) Why do they do it? [Re: Magui]
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I wonder what the reason for the belief of being unerring is.
I think it's "healthier" to ask ourselves, if we are right, but it is if they would think simple asking is a sign of weakness or of the lack of self-confidence... or of the weakness of faith...
If I watch it from this angle, I think the reason is breeding. People are raised to not to question things like religion, or in the last hundreds of years, people are raised to believe in themselves, but it is explained in a wrong way to them.

#104913 - 08/07/05 07:53 AM Re: (Rant) Why do they do it? [Re: Cholinergic]
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After reading 'your' post, like I have read it so many times before, the question came to mind, Why do people care so much about the smallest of smallest parasites?

Why they do it when it seemingly hurts their agenda is irrelevant. They do it.

There is a man that sits out side of the local department stores who plays a guitar (Acoustic and unplugged) I think he has much talent. He was in the Army, the Marines, and now retired. Playing the guitar is his job now. His earnings are whatever someone puts in his case. He takes NINTY percent of those earnings and gives them to single parents, amongst other people.

The only songs he will sing, are Christian ones. Normally about God.

His reason: Because it makes him happy while he is alive.

There is a Christian worth paying attention too. I often stop and let my daughter dance to the music he plays, and she knows like I do that there is no such thing as God.

(There are many points to pay attention to in that true story.)

I believe Boyd Rice said it best in his "Poem".
"That which disturbs you, you must not suffer."
Why let them bother you.
You claim to recognize the same IP continually.
Why give meaningless warnings? If you know the problem exists, then just terminate with extreme prejudice. Ask for some help getting a simple and easy to use program that bans the host name, eliminating the IP altogether, even if masked.

My real rebuttal is, Why do some/most Satanists tend to spend so much time talking about Christians?
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#104914 - 08/07/05 10:07 AM Re: (Rant) Why do they do it? [Re: man_mind]
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Mere curiosity - the only reason I gave this individual a warning was to give a good public impression of "being fair". I have banned the IP but routinely clear out old bans - hence the return.
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