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#108399 - 06/24/05 01:23 PM What does the Bible really say?
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So it seems they want to use high tech to read faded ancient scrolls about xtianity.
I predict anything different than what is popular belief will be suppressed.
Wouldn’t it be funny if it said, “I, Saul of Tarsus hereby write my most elaborate fiction to date. I hope it will be a famous fairy tail someday and I will get rich from the copyrights.”
Read about it here.
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#108400 - 06/24/05 03:40 PM Re: What does the Bible really say? [Re: Mars]
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Which Bible? Who's Bible? I'm confused....

#108401 - 06/24/05 03:55 PM Re: What does the Bible really say? [Re: Mars]
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What, the bible was supposed to say something?

I thought it was a book of quaint myths dreamed up by goatherds who smoked too much hashish.
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#108402 - 06/24/05 04:00 PM Re: What does the Bible really say? [Re: Mars]
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Hmmm... "The Bible" says many things:

Jesus promoted polygamy in a parable about salvation. Vide: Mathew 25:1-10

In Ecclesiastes 4:9-12, Menagé a Trois relationships of two women and one man is encouraged stating "a tree-fold cord is not quickly broken."

Etc, etc. What else are they going to find after literally putting the book under the microscope?

#108404 - 06/24/05 08:03 PM Re: What does the Bible really say? [Re: Mars]
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It seems to me that trying to find meaning in anything is one's own perogitive. The Christian bible is at most a great work of art, nearly everyone has a strong opinion of it and there are many ways to read it. But subjectivity can be put to anything. Satanists are wise to worship nothing. Faith blinds and perhaps it is to the Christian church's credit that they are re-evaluating their bible.

However it is nothing short of worthless to live one's life by a book, movie or other creative work. Even non-fiction is tainted by its author's perspective. All art should do is inspire, never dictate. And that thoughtless following is popular religion's greatest short-coming.
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#108405 - 06/25/05 02:21 PM Re: What does the Bible really say? [Re: Mars]
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Saul of Tarsus

This guy probably never had any idea of just what his book would do to the world. What an asshole! (Laughs)

#108406 - 06/25/05 11:45 PM Re: What does the Bible really say? [Re: Rev_Malebranche]
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Oh wow. They got a new toy to decipher the Buy-Bull scrolls so millions more can gape slack jawed in stupidity.

I wonder if a thousand generations from now some asshole will be using spectral imaging to decipher the latest book by J.K. Rowling.
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#108407 - 06/26/05 06:54 PM Re: What does the Bible really say? [Re: Mars]
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Wouldn’t it be funny if it said, “I, Saul of Tarsus hereby write my most elaborate fiction to date.

or "Within lies fact and fancy, truth and metaphor. Discriminate with care."

[The preceding statement was meant with no offense intented or in no way meant to make fun of or negate the integrity of a certain other text. (those who get the allusion know what I am talking about.) To my knowledge the above statement is not copyrighted. If I am mistaken - those in the know please kindly inform me of my error and I immediately delete the post. ]

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#108408 - 06/27/05 12:08 PM Re: What does the Bible really say? [Re: Mars]
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Interesting read.
If it reveals that everything the xians have believed for centuries is nothing more than an elaborate set of crap, they will never tell anyone. They will more than likely say it uncovered that these were the last words of *Christ* and is the best read of their lives!
As it is now and so will it be when they are done...Bull and hypocrisy!
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#108409 - 06/28/05 08:14 PM On Christianity and other herd religions: [Re: Mars]
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I should like to reverse the Ninth Satanic Statement as follows:

The church has been the best friend Satan has ever had, as it has kept him in business all these years!

If there were not so many dumb people out there believing in all kinds of untested and unknowable nonsense - substituting "faith" for intelligence - it would be much harder to rise above them and subjugate them.

The status quo is an opportunity for those who choose to seize it.

If all those sheep stopped believing in their Bible we'd have to create yet another one for them!

I just read in The Economist that 26% of adult US citizens are evangelical Christians.

Proof that America is still the land of opportunity!

Or as P.T. Barnum was incorrectly attributed with saying:

There's a sucker born every minute!

#108410 - 06/29/05 04:47 PM Re: What does the Bible really say? [Re: Mars]
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The Christian bible (whichever translation or version you may choose) is a great book of mythology right along all the dozens of other wonderful works of mythologies that are out there. If you indeed bother, just for amusement reasons to take any "religion" and read its stories of creation, salvation, etc. You will find that they each have the excact same scenes and stories. The only change....the Names and times. So as far as that goes, I love Stories for little and big children to read and since this age is rather on a computer screen then in a paperbook, why not.
Besides, You can read anything into the Xchristian Bible you want to, it is in there somewhere. Even incest is ok. Sacrafices. Sanctioned Murders. What more could you want. And all is forgiven, by only confessing your sins. But don't be different.

In the end the Cloak and Dagger Cult has now made it into the streaming cyber daylight, condemns everyone that is not them, and finds themselves just as "elite" in their own minds as the next. But, I have to give them two credits and that are the only two credits I can give them.
1. They do write such imaginative and lovely mythologicaly based stories and nightmares in adaption from older Religions.
2. At least they are out in the open and proudly proclaim what they are, without given a owls hoot what anyone thinks about them. No more Cloak and Dagger.

ah and they are so much fun to confuse and discuss with. I work with several Christians and they know I am a Witch. Strangly so, since I never felt it necessary to hide (Be it my believes or my lifestyle) and they got to know me and what I believe we get along just fine and have their respect. They don't try to save me and I promised not to lead them a stray...(*wicked grins are in order here*)

Just my opinion, never to be humble.
And as far as "harry Potter" goes....I hope they worship that book one day, at least it will be amusing to watch people try to cast those kinds of Spells. Me and my hellspawn enjoy it very much.
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