I keep running across repeating "validation" begging on the net. It seems that labels are quite in vogue-everyone wants to "identify" with something or the other.

Standards,styles ,mindsets and religions,all being held up against each other for comparison. I wonder and laugh at the constant need of hairless apes to be yet another hairless ape.

I found this definition of "Validation" online. It will come up in the first page of google, if you want the source.

1.the act of validating; finding or testing the truth of something

2.the cognitive process of establishing a valid proof

Comparing one thing against another is one way of achieving a from of validation. The relative merits can be wieghed and measured,pros and cons sized up.

On a tier of difficulty,things can most easily be validated. Concepts are more difficult-being abstracts, with variables that relate differently, with different perceptions of what they are.

And validating persons,the most complex of all. We can look at the basics of humans,the physical. These are fairly easy to compare-validation is merely by the health and performance of the organism. A weak or sick human can be seem in some ways as being inferior to stronger ones.

Yet,these same *physically inferior* organisms may be superior in intelligence,or higher up in an ecomonic strata. So a stratification exists-but it is a relative one.

Mentally, validation is often sought by identification to a group. It can be by prefferences in sex partners, religion,physicality, or behavioral patterns. The individual then seeks validation by adherence to these *sterotypical patterns*.

This is what I refer to as "template validation". A person feels that they fit within the mold of a "template"-so they call it thier own. This may often vary within the lifetime of an individual.


Satanism follows a different pattern. The base template of the Satanist is the self. So right away it stands most group patterns on thier heads. All other templates must fit that of the *individual* to be validated,rather than the other way around.

Those templates which do not serve it's best interests are then rendered invalid. within reason of templates that MUST be adhered to,or the quality of life of the individual will be lowered.

This is one reason for Satanists to seek to move beyond validation in general. It is to liberate the potential of the self from templates which will restrain it from fulfilling itself to the highest degree.


This wasn't getting any response initially,(which is what I get for being too esoteric) so I decided to add a related link people might find of value.

It explains a great deal about the reasoning and roots of behavioral templates. I've always found looking into these things to be quite fascinating. Understanding how behavioral templates affect oneself, and others around you are an important part of lesser magic. It gives the insight to be able to effectively register whether these are valid for YOU,and gives one power over your reactions to them. And taken to higher realms,greatly increases your odds of manipulating others to your benfit. Enjoy!


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