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#109038 - 06/27/05 12:34 PM Magister Paradise's "Music" essay?
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A long while back, I remember the "Music" section had a thumbtacked post from Magister Paradise with some excellent guidelines for productive posting. Unfortunately the post got removed with all the others back when LttD went through a major overhaul. If he still has a copy of it (or can write up something similar), could it be reposted?
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#109039 - 06/27/05 01:53 PM Re: Magister Paradise's "Music" essay? [Re: Bill_M]
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If he still has a copy of it (or can write up something similar), could it be reposted?

That was quite some time ago, but I also remember the essay. I'm not sure if I have a copy since that was a computer or two ago. I'll check, but it's likely that I simply don't have it. And I'm not sure if Magister Ventrue's archives go back that far, but I'm sure he'll say if he feels like it. But, I'll take a look. If I find it, I'll let you know.
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#109040 - 06/27/05 02:03 PM Re: Magister Paradise's "Music" essay? [Re: MagisterParadise]
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If it is not on the board now, I would not have it. If it was around the time of the "great database" crash of the new millenium ... well it is lost.

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