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#109132 - 06/27/05 10:51 PM Attachments
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Magister, I am using Mozilla Firefox and before the upgrade attachments loaded in a seperate they load in the same window.

Any chance you could change the code so that attachments automatically open in a separate browser window?

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#109133 - 06/28/05 08:49 AM Re: Attachments [Re: False_Messiah78]
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Just to confirm that it is not user error, it is occuring on with my FireFox also.
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#109134 - 06/29/05 09:09 AM Re: Attachments [Re: False_Messiah78]
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I will look into it

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#109135 - 06/30/05 07:12 AM Re: Attachments [Re: Magister Frost]
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Magister, I'm sure I'm not the only one who has noticed this, but before the upgrade, when images were uploaded as attachments, they would automatically load underneath the user's post. Now you have to click the attachment link each time. I doubt I'm the only one who finds this annoying. Would you be able to restore the old feature?

#109136 - 06/30/05 06:00 PM Re: Attachments [Re: Silence]
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Would you be able to restore the old feature?

I don't mean to speak for Magister Ventrue, but why is everyone so impatient that all the old features need to be added back right away?

You have to keep in mind that he's upgrading three message boards simultaneously as well as running and maintaining the Emporium, several webpages, and most likely has any number of business projects we're not privy to keeping him otherwise occupied.

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#109137 - 06/30/05 11:36 PM Re: Attachments [Re: LKRice]
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I didn't mean to rush Magister Ventrue. When he did the upgrade he asked for any issues to be posted in this forum, so I was simply bringing this to his attention in case it was not already on the agenda. My apologies if I seemed impatient.

#109138 - 07/12/05 12:07 AM Re: Attachments [Re: Silence]
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Do what I do - post the attachment, then go back and edit your post to include [img] tags.
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