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#116900 - 08/10/05 07:51 PM Time is running out! Time to invent Jesus
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It is quite interesting how in the B.C.E. years, the years started out at a high number and went in a descending order as time went on. By the time it got to the year zero was the same time that the story of Jesusí crucifixion took place. This shows a great fallacy in Christianity. How could people, billions of years before the Common Era began, know how many years it would take so it would get all the way down to year zero at the time of a certain event? That is just too much of a coincidence for the story of Jesus to be true.

When the years were getting close to zero, they invented Jesus and Christianity. It can sure LOOK like it was a prediction that came true to those who would believe it.

Sometimes I wonder if the years actually went in an ascending order, and then people reversed the years (starting at year zero and counting back the absolute values)after the Common Era began; however, this cannot be true. If this were true, then all the dates on ancient artifacts would be incorrect.

Why do you think the years went in a descending order as time went on in the ancient times? And how do you think people decided on what year number to start out time with?
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#116901 - 08/10/05 07:58 PM Re: Time is running out! Time to invent Jesus [Re: Barb]
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Surely you are joking?

The calendar in common usage now is a specifically Christian calendar, invented and modified at the behest of various popes. Time measure B.C. was not measured this way by anyone prior to the invention of the Christian calendars, which occurred much later.

No, Egyptians did not measure the year as "2000 B.C.", they had their own calendar which is now obsolete and not used by anyone. Ditto with all the ancient cultures, they had their own methods of time measurement, there was no universal calendar as their is today (actually, Muslims and Chinese still use alternate calendars in some measure).

So no, nobody felt it was "about time for a messiah" because the calendar said so.
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#116902 - 08/10/05 08:03 PM Re: Time is running out! Time to invent Jesus [Re: Barb]
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The glorious Romans measured time from the founding of Rome itself. The 1000 year birthday party is still be talked about in some places

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#116903 - 08/10/05 08:19 PM Re: Time is running out! Time to invent Jesus [Re: Barb]
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Poor Loki. His record for posting the stupidest thing didn't last very long. Now you have that honor.

This is not only one of the stupidest things posted here, it is probably the stupidest thing I've ever read.
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#116904 - 08/10/05 08:49 PM Re: Time is running out! Time to invent Jesus [Re: Hagen von Tronje]
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I believe that the myan (sp?) callendar is the most accurate one ever made, and some people still use that (apparently they perdicted the world will end by 2010 I think?) I havent researched it much, but it seems pretty interesting.

but yeah to the rest of the post
One stupid post too many.

#116906 - 08/10/05 08:58 PM Re: Time is running out! Time to invent Jesus [Re: Quaark]
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If you were in a terrible automobile accident that was not your fault, and are bravely struggling to achieve something in life despite a severe brain injury that has robbed you of all your most basic knowledge, you have both my condolences and my admiration, and I mean that.

were you watching lifetime today?
One stupid post too many.

#116908 - 08/10/05 09:30 PM Re: Time is running out! Time to invent Jesus [Re: Quaark]
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I watched "Dr. Phibes Rises Again" on cable.

What is this "lifetime" you speak of?

lifetime: television for (incredibly typical, stupid) women.

they have made for tv movies like 'hunger point' (anorexia movie) and "from homeless to harvard" (they really shouldnt explain the entire plot in the title...)basically its to get a bunch of bored housewives pussies wet. I like their movies because they are incredibly stupid, and almost always unintentionally hilarious.
One stupid post too many.

#116909 - 08/10/05 09:37 PM Re: Time is running out! Time to invent Jesus [Re: Barb]
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Damn, my head hurts now.

#116910 - 08/10/05 10:03 PM Re: Time is running out! Time to invent Jesus [Re: Barb]
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Did you recently have a full-frontal lobatomy or something? This is, by far, the STUPIDEST thing I have ever read, ANYWHERE!!

Even if this was posted in the Humor forum, as a joke, it would still be just plain dumb.

Now go run with scissors and play in traffic.
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#116911 - 08/11/05 12:38 AM Re: Time is running out! Time to invent Jesus [Re: Barb]
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This entire problem started with the reknowned professor of quantum physics at MIT, Dr. Leonard D. Vincent in 2023 CE. His experiments in resonance displacement resulted in his soon to be famous travels into the past. After establishing a series of temporal "corrections" - to include his influences upon the creation and adoption of the Gregorian calendar - Dr. Vincent retired to spend his declining years in Rennaisance Florence, sponsored by the Medicis. You probably would recognize his name as Da Vinci today.

#116912 - 08/11/05 07:42 AM Re: Time is running out! Time to invent Jesus [Re: Barb]
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Jesus was actually born in the year 3 in June. Jesus was also a very common name in those days and there were a lot of magicians who performed the same tricks. Just so happens only one of them was born to a "virgin".

Now for the history of the calendar:
There was originally only 10 months when they made this thing, hence why they have September, October, November and December (Seventh month, eighth month, ninth month, tenth month). When they realized this mistake they added the months of Julius and Augustus (July and August). The names of the week were the same of course, Saturnday, Sunday Moonday etc,. This was the Roman Calendar and many countries followed the outline. However it was not invented around the time Jesus was born. They didn't not decide to establish Jesusí birthday as year one until the Romans became exclusively Catholic. Which was quite a few years down the road, so they were off a by a bit.

Counties such as Russian counted their years based on when they established the country. Russia was around their 7000th year until Peter the Great came and changed everything. Because the world became predominately Catholic they decided to go with the Roman Catholic Calender. It has been like that for quite some time. Itís just easier to explain ancient history to people when you say 250 BC then saying "in the 3065th year of the Turkish Calendar."

But you would have known that if you researched it yourself

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#116913 - 08/11/05 07:54 AM Re: Time is running out! Time to invent Jesus [Re: Quaark]
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Ehh, I much preferred how comedian Eddie Izzard worded it in his "BC-AD Changeover" bit. Though I'm sure we'll see one of those "Dude I was just kidding" attempts posted soon. But considering that this wasn't posted in the humor section and was fully worded with a question and no hints of sarcasm, that won't fly.

>>What is this "lifetime" you speak of?

A cable channel that mainly shows its own movies, in which every single plot is as follows: a woman gets harrassed or abused in some way, some guy gets falsely accused of the crime, but in the last 10 minutes of the movie the evil Y-chromosome brute is finally surrounded by cops and caught.
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#116914 - 08/11/05 08:39 AM Re: Time is running out! Time to invent Jesus [Re: Barb]
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Amazing. How many nights did you keep yourself awake pondering this?

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#116915 - 08/11/05 09:33 AM Re: Time is running out! Time to invent Jesus [Re: uncleherpe]
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"from homeless to harvard" (they really shouldnt explain the entire plot in the title...)

This movie might not have been that bad comparing it to the other movies. If my memory is working correctly this is a true story. My mom mentioned hearing the women, the story was based off of, speak to an audience. My mom found it motivational, course she is a ding bat. No my mom isn't a house wife, she's an accountant.

Hey, its not all pity me. There are some fucked up bitches killing their boyfriends. My personal favorite is how they display all young women as being so innocent, yeah right!

My problem with TV like this, is they don't show enough real adult relationships. How are the kids little brains taking it when all they see is molestation and rape? I have read before that a lot of the molesters where molested at some point during their lives. Just seems like we should stop censoring so much of the good stuff, and give them a little more positive to think about.

Sorry, yes I know this was off topic. However the topic isn't all that interesting.


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