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#11894 - 09/11/03 04:30 PM Re: How does a Satanist feel about sex? [Re: mastiva]

Sex is such a touchy subject. I mean one persons hell is often another persons heaven. Some people enjoy it some don't. I like the rule of it works for you, do it.

I mean I read this article about this porn star in Asia who had sex with 500 guys in 24 hours. She said she enjoyed being treated like a piece of meat. Granted, that's a pretty extreme example. On the other hand, I know someone else who never had sex until he was 23. Another person hasn't touched a man in years, she has no need to have sex. My point is that I like to think in terms of what works for you. What do I feel more magic in when it's all said and done, thats just the way I think. I personally am not of the school of thought that says one has to have a orgasm EVERY time one does a ritual. I just have found if I have had an orgasm within a day of having a ritual, that more things happen magically. So I do think sex is an important part of magic for MY life. Also it's just a lot of fun.

#11895 - 01/14/04 09:37 AM Re: How does a Satanist feel about sex?
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Hello all! Please excuse me if I'm being a bit forward, but would any of you be willing to share with me your opinion of sex?

I'm asking because, and please correct me if I'm wrong, most Satanists have sex with more than one person. Not at the same time, of course, since that would be kinky. But I'm assuming that a person who supports the Satanic philosophy would experience more than one sex partner over their lifetime. That's something I'm uncomfortable doing because of my view of sex: as a total surrender to the other person, total commitment to them, and permanent spiritual, mental, and physical bonding.

Have any of you felt this way? Has anyone made a distinction between having sex and making love? A woman would be more likely to share my feelings, since for her, sex is internal and physically alerting. Therefore I am especially interested in the opinions of the female Satanists out there.

Thank you in advance for your responses,


I think sex is just another activity for people to do. Listen to some music, watch a movie, fuck for a while, ride around in the car...

Then again, as my mother would say, I am 17...

But I wouldn't share my bed with just anyone. That's different. It's what you do after sex. The idea of cuddling, or even sleeping in the same bed wouldn't be adressed unless I was in love.

#11896 - 01/14/04 12:42 PM Re: How does a Satanist feel about sex?

To me, sex is extremely personal. Yes, you can have an attraction to someone and really wanna jump their bones (Hell, I have) I acted on it though. It all depends on the comfort level you have with that person. I'm a lesbian and I had one hell of a time finding a partner. It seemed so easy then. Just think about how you feel with your "friend". It can make all the difference.

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