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#121239 - 09/11/05 04:45 PM Re: Happy Birthday Magister Ventrue! [Re: Fenriz]
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As has been said, best wishesh on your birthday, Magister Ventrue! Thanks for providing forums and services that were not around when I was younger!

I'll drink a toast to your birthday tonight!
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#121240 - 09/11/05 06:11 PM Re: Happy Birthday Magister Ventrue! [Re: Fenriz]
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Yes, happy highest holiday, Magister Ventrue! Just think if you hadn't been born, there wouldn't be a LTTD and we would be stuck with just the mediocre forums out there. Thank You Sir.
Hail Magister Ventrue!

Hail Satan!
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#121241 - 09/11/05 07:12 PM Re: Happy Birthday Magister Ventrue! [Re: Fenriz]
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Have a wickedly infernal Birth Day, Magister Ventrue!

#121242 - 09/11/05 07:16 PM Re: Happy Birthday Magister Ventrue! [Re: Fenriz]
Adonis_Mendes Offline
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Happy Birthday to you, Magister Ventrue! I wish you a day of unrefined indulgence!

Hail, Magister Ventrue!

Hail Satan!

#121243 - 09/11/05 08:24 PM Re: Happy Birthday Magister Ventrue! [Re: Fenriz]
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Yes indeedy!!!

A very happy birthday Magister!!!

Hail You!!!

#121244 - 09/11/05 08:44 PM Re: Happy Birthday Magister Ventrue! [Re: Fenriz]
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Happy Birthday Magister Ventrue! Thank you for all your good works! Celebrate as the real Devil that you are!


Hail Magister Lestat Ventrue!
Hail Satan!
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Hail Satan!
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#121245 - 09/11/05 08:52 PM Re: Happy Birthday Magister Ventrue! [Re: Fenriz]
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Happy Birthday to you Magister Ventrue!
I think you've done an excellent job on LttD, and no one can do it better!
The Emporium, too, is such a fascinating place to find unique and inspiring items!

Also, I've dedicated a new poem to you in your Poetry section!
I hope you enjoy it!

Hail to you, Magister Ventrue!
Hail Satan!
We are everywhere. Are you one of Us?
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#121246 - 09/11/05 10:06 PM Re: Happy Birthday Magister Ventrue! [Re: Adonis_Mendes]
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Happy Birthday to you Magister Ventrue...

'Give me the Satan worshipping family any day, the one's with the good albums.' - Bill Hicks

#121247 - 09/12/05 01:27 AM Re: Happy Birthday Magister Ventrue! [Re: Fenriz]
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Happy Birthday Magister,
Thank you for all of your hard work.
Indulge and enjoy!

Hail Satan!
Warlock Peterson

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#121248 - 09/12/05 04:42 AM Re: Happy Birthday Magister Ventrue! [Re: Fenriz]
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Happy belated birthday, Magister Ventrue!

I hope you partied like the Goblin King himself!

Hail Ventrue!
Hail Satan!

Warlock Hyde
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#121249 - 09/12/05 05:18 AM Re: Happy Birthday Magister Ventrue! [Re: Fenriz]
Cin Offline
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Happy Birthday Magister Ventrue! All the wicked best.

"There are two levers for moving men: interest and fear." -Napoleon Bonaparte

#121250 - 09/12/05 11:57 AM Re: Happy Birthday Magister Ventrue! [Re: Fenriz]
Remorazz Offline

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Loc: Ontario, Canada
If I may echo all the sentiments of all who replied.

I trust that Magister Ventrue had a wonderfully decadent and indulgent celebration with all who he wishes to celebrate it with, and the way only he wishs it...

May you sir, continue to celebrate YOUR day forever.

Hail to thee, Magister Ventrue.

Hail Satan

Thanks for your excellent site.

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#121251 - 09/12/05 07:59 PM Re: Happy Birthday Magister Ventrue! [Re: Fenriz]
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Thank you all for the warm Birthday wishes, they are well received. I am so glad everyone finds my daily hell so useful!!!! I plan to continue providing everyone with extremely useful tools now and into the future!

Again thank you!!!!
Hail Satan!!!!

From Hell,

Magister Frost

We're all around you, are you one of Us?
- The Church of Satan Emporium

#121252 - 09/17/05 12:16 PM Re: Happy Birthday Magister Ventrue! [Re: Fenriz]
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A little late...Happy Birthday Magister Ventrue!

And also thank you for the excellent services you give in the CoS Emporium...
Hail Yourself!!

Hail Satan!!!

#121253 - 09/30/05 07:09 PM Re: Happy Birthday Magister Ventrue! [Re: Magister Frost]
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Happy Belated B-Day!
"The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words." -Phillip K. Dick

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