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#123753 - 09/25/05 06:41 AM Dedication Ritual
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Greetings to all
I'm have decided to perform "The Rite of Dedication" like given in "The Satanic Rituals".
Now,i'm want know,if for performing this rite,i'm must use the "true"water of Zam Zam or can use common water in the bottle?
And after which i'm have shaved my head,i'm must shaved ever my hairs or can lenghten after the rite?
Yes,i'm know wich all this are subjective,but to me like perform the things in correctely manners(whitout purism of course).
Sorry for my bad english(i am Italian)
Hail to all Satanist

#123754 - 09/25/05 06:53 AM Re: Dedication Ritual [Re: Lord Xolothi]
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Yes, you MUST buy the True Zam Zam Water from me. The price is $666 for a small vial enough for one ritual per person. Plus taxes and shipping, of course.

Wait a minute! I haven't read your introduction yet, so you could be a Secret Agent from Vatican!

Unless you introduce yourself we can't do any business, I'm sorry.

#123756 - 09/25/05 07:05 AM Re: Dedication Ritual [Re: Lord Xolothi]
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You can use any water you like, really.

If you are the imaginative type you can always think of a way to make it feel special by personalising it in some way.

But the most important thing with any ritual is not what you use as your tools but the emotive force and energy you yourself put into your performance of the ritual.

Your own feelings and the emotions it produces are what is important - changing the world around you in accordance with your will.

If you wish to shave your head for the ritual there is no reason why you can't grow it back afterwards. Like any ritual, what happens in the ritual chamber is performed specifically within its confines.

Just enjoy your ritual and may it bear the fruits you desire. Good luck.

I am sure many here will look forward to reading more about you in your required introduction. I know it can seem like a pain but I am afraid the owner of this board does request that we make one. It's understandable really, with all the effort he puts into maintaining this place I can see why he doesn't want trolls coming on and mucking it up. The introduction is a good way of gaining an insight into whether a new person seems OK.

By the way, a few little mistakes only, but otherwise your English is pretty impressive.
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#123757 - 09/25/05 10:45 AM Re: Dedication Ritual [Re: Lord Xolothi]
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You can pretend that ANY water is the water of Zam Zam. Water is water. What difference does it make?

I donít think it matters what you do with your hair after the ritual. Anton LaVey kept shaving his head because he liked that look on him, not because he thought he HAD to. If you do something with your physical appearance that you donít like, just because you think you have to, then it is a compulsion rather than an indulgence.

I know that I would definitely NOT shave my head if I did this ritual, since I am a girl and I like my long wavy brown hair. I would just shave my legs instead. That would be just as meaningful to me.

Want water? Iíve got an even better deal for you. Iíll sell you nine vials of water for $9.66 each. For international shipping/handling from the U.S.A. to Italy would be $16.00, plus $6.06 tax, with your total being $109.00. Or, you could use the water from the sink.
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