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#124524 - 09/29/05 12:11 AM Keyword: Justice!
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This is just an electronic extension of my performance. If you find that you have been at the end of stupidity and bullish ignorance just a bit too much lately, send forth your will, either on these electronic pages or in the solitude of your own space, to cast the pendulum harshly back towards the point of balance. Comment, rant, howl with derision or delight…but cast the hate to where it belongs…curse those who derive their lives from sowing the seeds of despair and resentment! Smash asunder the will of those who operate as loathsome human ingrates, and drink merrily to their demise!

On the turn of this new day I was fully encompassed with the infernal call to Justice!

Just before the point of midnight, I arose from the mundane and entered the ritual chamber with my will set on justice, my hands shaking in a need for brutal revenge, my mind and heart racing to the heavy thunder of anger!

I brought the black flame of truth and life into being on my left and seared the white fire of hypocrisy into form to my right. The Goat of Mendes gazed upon my movements from her western gate, the dim pitch of only two candles forcing a sour and grim visage upon her countenance.

Tonight I called the horrible and swift Abaddon, to destroy those whose name I gave as a sign, my voice edging to the heights of wrath, my sword slashing a deadly weave before me, a film of red hazing my sight.

The first, third, eighth and tenth keys opened the rusty gates of unequivocal terror and mastery that I willed forth into the sleeping minds of those whose lives I despise and wish to see destroyed.

Upon it all whispered the strains of Nocturne in C-sharp minor, haunting the corners of the room as it cooled the air with funerary promises.

My will is done!
Hail Satan!
Let the worms feast!

#124525 - 09/29/05 12:33 AM Re: Keyword: Justice! [Re: HLGwyn]
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Somebody take your parking spot? Man,I hate that.

#124526 - 09/29/05 03:07 AM Re: Keyword: Justice! [Re: HLGwyn]

Well done, I am sure your working will be effective and destructive against your enemies!

Hail Abbadon!

#124527 - 09/29/05 04:06 AM Re: Keyword: Justice! [Re: HLGwyn]
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Great post

Thank you for sharing those very powerful words and imagery...Zou


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