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#12736 - 03/28/04 04:01 PM Re: Satanic Youth

When it comes to telling people i think i have it fairly good because everybody i know would be willing to listen even my parents.No one i know would say narrowminded things. However your always going to get somebody who calls you evil and a baby killer or something as silly.
I really hate it when things become a big deal. It's like if your a catholic your a catholic no one asks you to justify it and puts you on trial. Give them something they don't know much about and they do. Who can be arsed to have to justify themselves? I know i certaintly can't. Anyway when you go around telling people, i don't understand why people would. It's almost like they want everybody to know. They only people who deserve to know out of respect for their friendship is your close friends, if you can your family ( all depends on your relationship) and your boyfriend or girlfriend.

#12737 - 12/18/04 08:55 PM Re: Satanic Youth
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Your satanic mother should come around in time as long as you go about it the right way.. unless her upbringing was extremely christian or violent perhaps.
My dad doesn't know it but he taught me my satanic values during the early years he was still around, unfortunatly his mother (who I suspect did much to shape him) wasn't very happy when that small aspect of my life came to light with the dreaded word SATAN reverberating around the room... however it all blows over and if your family love you they'll still be there at the end of the day - my mum has been shocked within an inch of her life and is still coming back for more! I love her to itty bitty peices! When I don't want to tear her hair out...
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#12738 - 12/22/04 04:45 PM Re: Satanic Youth
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Actually, on a slightly different tangent, I've noticed how authors and "experts" either seem to pout or freak out when the CoS doesn't meet their proper expectations and doesn't confirm the stereotypes you've listed.

Yesterday I got to skim an old book by that pitiful anti-D&D crusader Pat Pulling, who has worked tirelessly (and idiotically) against role playing games, heavy metal and punk music, and devil worshipper ever since her son committed suicide and she found D&D things in his room with a strange suicide note that didn't even cite D&D. In one section of her book, she mentioned LaVey and the Church of Satan, but added that "many people" do not consider "them" to be "real satanists (sic)."

My mom got me a book recently about the weird legends, people, and attractions in the US, and it had a blurb on the Black House and LaVey. That whole section was practically devoted to "debunking myths" about LaVey and the CoS. I noticed that no other section of any other person--be they Emperor Norton I or the Underdog--was so aggressive about "debunking myths" or what have you. The thing that intrigued me in this case is that this book is effectively religiously apathetic and playful--it cites places named for the devil, and talks about devilish myths of all kinds, and is basically secular. But, something prompted them to be very aggressive towards the CoS.

So, slightly off the topic, and I apologize for that. The thread just triggered my memory. Everyone else has already jumped on the other things worth bringing up.
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